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Ad Hit Profits Instant Payments
Banners Broker Payment Proof From June 6th, 2013
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How to Earn Money from Infolinks
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Ad Hit Profits Instant Payments

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog to read the latest Ad Hit Profits Update!

Wow! If you are a member I’m sure you’ve been very excited about the daily profit shares! Ad Hit Profits is quickly becoming the most popular passive program and continues to grow at a fast rate!

Members earned 12.8%-16% per day for the last 5 days!

Below are the stats for June 10th, 2013:

Total paid members: 15140
Total Cash out: $3665710.88
Total Cash out Yesterday: $153,362.30

Already paid out today: $193,295.80

Alexa Ranking: 3124
Average Pageviews Per Day: 1559066
Average Daily Unique Users: 235791

Ad Hit Profits is a very simple passive program!

Steps To Join:

1. Join HERE

2. Click on the confirmation link in your welcome email.

3. Purchase Directory Listings (Shares)

4. Click On “Set Up Listing” to advertise any business you wish.

4. Click on 10 banner ads very 24 hours to qualify for profits every 30 minutes!

There is also additional banner advertising you may purchase, but it’s not necessary to earn.

For more information and to join please click on the banner below:
We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

Banners Broker Payment Proof From June 6th, 2013


I was pleasantly surprised to receive a payment from Banners Broker on June 6th, 2013.  I submitted the withdrawal request on January 13th, 2013, so the payment took almost 6 months. If you are considering  Banners Broker I wouldn’t recommend you join….the payments are very slow, support is not responsive, and there have been many changes made that do not benefit the members.

Banners Broker Payment Proof:

*** Great News ! ***

You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust
Pay member! Keep this email as your receipt.

From STPay member email:
From STPay username: bannersbroker
Transaction ID Number: 275629137
Amount: USD 44.00
Details (if provided): BANNERS BROKER 06-06-13 Commission Payment
-Withdrawal ID- 1260xxx

PROTECT YOUR PASSWORDS – do not share passwords with anyone,
change them regularly, and make them hard to guess! Your
SolidTrust Pay account is valuable – guard it carefully.

Thank you for your business.  Should you require further
assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


Please subscribe to my blog to receive weekly program updates. :-)

All the best!


If you are considering  Banners Broker I wouldn’t recommend you join….the payments are very slow, support is not responsive, and there have been many changes made that do not benefit the members.

I Recommend you join Adhitprofits. Payment are very fast, instant payout (less than one minute), support is excellent   Join NOW Click Here
We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

How to Earn Money from Infolinks

What is InfoLinks

Click Here to Join InfoLinks

Infolinks is an in text advertising program and much like AdSense, it can be used by both publishers and advertisers. It’s a really easy program to join and it can be a great way to monetize a new blog, or further monetize a blog that’s already monetized.

Joining Infolinks

Click Here to Join InfoLinks

Using Infolinks is easy!



I followed the instructions on Infolinks’ website and went ahead and placed their code onto all of my blogs. At first, the Infolinks advertisements were obvious. Like most other intext advertising sites, Infolinks also had the double underlined links. [If you didn’t know, double underlined links scream advertisements to all readers.] I decided to contact Infolinks support regarding the issue.

Click Here to Join InfoLinks

The next day, I received an email back showing me exactly how to remove the double underlined links and instead, display single underlined links.

[Update] The new Infolinks code simply allows you to choose whether you’d like single or double underlined links.

So implementation was really easy and really customizable with Infolinks [and it’s even easier now!] They allow you to change the link color of your ad, the number of ads displayed on a page, and even your content’s category with simple point and click implementation. (Seen in the picture above)

Click Here to Join InfoLinks

Infolinks Earnings:


Now, to the important stuff… The earnings. With Infolinks, you may at first be disappointed with the amount you get per click. This holds especially true if you’re some sort of AdSense Guru. that gets $5.00 per click. However, when you begin to notice that you’re getting more clicks because the Infolinks ads are better blended compared to other advertisements on your page, you’ll stop complaining. My Infolinks earnings are very comparable to myAdSense earnings. I would say that for each $250-$300 I earn with AdSense, I earn between $125-150 with Infolinks. This is extremely good compared to other programs on the net. So far, I have racked up about $354 with Infolinks. [That’s a nice little roll of dough.] And I expect that as my site grows, I will earn even more with this program.

Overall Impression

As you may not earn as much with Infolinks as you would with a program like AdSense, it is still a nice way to supplement your income. In fact, if you don’t know much about AdSense or where to place your ads / or maybeAdSense just isn’t working for you, Infolinks may be an even better option for you anyway.

Click Here to Join InfoLinks

[This holds especially true if you’re running a website with web savvy readers. Web savvy readers rarely clickAdSense advertisements simply because they know what ads look like. However, because Infolinks is so well-blended, people will click these ads and in turn, make you money.]

With all of that in mind, I would definitely give Infolinks a try. Their support is great, earnings are nice, and the overall, “What you get back in return feeling,” is definitely a steal for a program that’s free to join.

Click Here to Join InfoLinks

Friend Finder

Earn Money From Friend Finder Program:-

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FriendFinder is the largest online dating personals site with 1,663,944 registered members and award-winning content. This site is targeted toward singles looking for love, romance, and even marriage. Excellent revenue for any website.

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Click Here to Join

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