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Caloric Values of Foods and Drinks
Hair Removal Information & Techniques
Skin Care Tips
Breast Cancer Screening Needs to Improve Among Foreign Born Women in the US
7 Tips Coloring Gray Hair: How to Best Color, Style & Care for Your Silver Mane

Caloric Values of Foods and Drinks

Caloric value: Caloric value is defined as the energy value of any edible material or drink in calories per 100 grams.

It gives you an indication about how much calories you acquire by consuming 100 grams of any given stuff.

Find the caloric value for various nuts, dairy products, fruits, drinks and also non-vegeterian food per 100 grams.

We have divided the food and drinks in different related categories so as to assist you to understand the values better.

a Nuts per 100 gms Calories
Almonds 655
Dry Coconut 662
Ground Nut 567
Walnut 687
Pistachio Nut 626
b Dairy Products per 100 gms Calories
Milk (Buffaloes) 117
Milk (Cows) 127
Butter 729
Ghee 900
c Fruits per 100 gms Calories
Banana 116
Cheries 64
Dates 317
Mangoes 74
Melon 17
Orange 48
Papaya 32
Grapes 58
Guava 51
Sweet Lemon 35
Apple 19
Apricot 53
d Non-vegetarian – 100 gms Calories
Fish 111
Prawn 89
Egg 173
Goat meat 118
e Drinks Calories
Water 0
Black Coffee Negligible
Black Tea Negligible
Jal Jeera 10
Lemon Squash 18
A cup of tea (without Sugar) 22
A cup of tea (with Sugar) 78
Tomoto Juice 25
Orange Juice 36
Rose Syrup 47
Pineapple Juice 65
Milk 1 glass 175
Skimmed Milk 130
Red wine 100
Brandy (1 Peg) 75
Whiskey (1 Peg) 88
Bear (1 Glass) 144

Hair Removal Information & Techniques

For decades now, women have been removing unwanted body hair, using different techniques. Not only does it add to the woman’s beauty but it is better for her personal hygiene as well. Today getting rid of unwanted hair has become easier than ever. There are a number of easy techniques that you can use at home or you can visit a beauty parlor for professional treatment. Given below in some information about the different techniques that are available today.
  • Shaving: Shaving is a popular technique as it can be done at short notice and gives you instant results without much effort. Most women still continue to shave inspite of alternate techniques being available. This method is quick and cheap, though the hair grows back rapidly and when the hair grows back it is very coarse. You should soften the hair by washing the area with warm soapy water. Use light gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth, to remove the hair. After you finish moisturize the skin. There are different kinds of razors, electrical, disposable, with twin blades and moisturizing strips. Choose one that suits you the best.
  • Hair Removal Creams: These creams are manufactured in such a way that they dissolve the hair. These creams have an ingredient called keratolytic that will damage the skin if it is left on for a long time. Use a patch test the first time you are using a cream. But there is no doubt that they make the skin hair free, smooth and soft.
  • Waxing: Though this method is a little painful, it is good to remove hair from the arms, legs and bikini line. Hair re-growth after waxing is slow and may take as much as two months. It is best to do a patch test for waxing as well. For best results one should continue waxing on a regular basis. Hair is removed from its root and when it re-grows it is finer. The problem with waxing is that the hair has to grow a little for waxing to be efficient. It helps to dust a little talcum powder on the area before waxing.
  • Sugaring: This technique is similar to waxing. Here the removal solution is warmed and then applied on the area required with the help of a palette knife. The solution is applied in the direction of the hair growth. Then a cotton strip is used to cover the solution and torn away in the opposite direction and thus the hair is removed. Hair re-growth takes about six to eight weeks and it is fine.
  • Electrolysis: This is a salon treatment and is expensive, but last longer and could be permanent as well. This requires a series of sittings if the results are to be good. A fine needle passes a very low electrical current into the hair follicle. After a session there will be slight swelling, redness and scarring which will take a few days to disappear.
  • Laser treatment: This is another salon-based treatment that is expensive too. You need a few sessions for good results. Black activating lotion is applied over the area, to enable the hair follicle to absorb the laser energy. In this technique the best results are got from people with thick body hair.

Skin Care Tips

These are some tips that I think are rather interesting, I am not necessarily agreeing with all of it. So think of it as the Skin Care tips that you shouldn’t follow, or pick and choose the ones that work for you!


Having good skin is an underrated facet of looking good, as many females will smother their faces with products to cover any blemishes or marks, but beautiful skin starts from beneath.

Beautiful skin needs three things in order to thrive and be beautiful, you need to understand your skin in a way that you can match products, washes and moisturisers to your skin type. Whether your skin is dark, dry, normal, oily, sensitive or combination skin, finding out which class your skin comes under can only serve to help you find the right products as to complement your skin.

Step 1

The first step to think about when you are putting in a regime to look after your skin is to make sure your skin is as clean as possible. That doesn’t mean using all the harsh cleansers that are around twice a day as they can end up stripping your face and could quite possible give you rashes. The best way to look after your skin is to wash with a mild cleanser 3 times a day.

Step 2

The food you eat is used by your body to replenish the broken skin cells. Looking at your own diet when considering how best to look after your skin is one of the fundamental issues that can really swing the end result either way.

If you eat a lot of oily foods then inevitably you will have oily skin and develop acne, whereas if you eat a lot of natural and healthy foods, your skin will replenish a lot cleaner. It also helps to drink a lot of water as this will help cleanse your body of toxins.

Step 3

As clichéd as it sounds, the third essential step to keep healthy skin is to exercise regularly. Exercise improves the circulation of blood around the body and as your skin relies on circulation to stay healthy. Another advantage of being active and exercising is that you sweat more, sweating more helps flush out your pores and contributes to healthy looking skin too.


At the end of the day, you can buy as many expensive products as are on the market, but without these three fundamental skin care routines, no matter how expensive the products you use are, the best facial care product you can spend your money on is a moisturiser that also doubles up as a sun screen as we all know the effects of the sun on the skin


Small red swelling of the skin is known as pimples. Pimples are small pointed elevation of the skin , it may or may not be contain pus. Pimples are almost developed in young adults and teenagers due to the inflammation of skin. It appears on the face, neck and chest.

How to get rid of pimples


You should wash your face with fragrance-free cleanser. If your skin is greasy then use cleanser that contains benzoil peroxide. You never use scrub because it can cause breakouts.


You should apply an oil-free sunscreen lotion your face in the morning. You should use an oil-free moisturizer and drying spot-treatment product before going to the bed.


You should use a fingertip to wipe away excess concealer around the blemish. You should use a small makeup brush to concealer. If the makeup becomes cakey, wipe it off and again start.

Homemade Recipes of Pimples Treatment

1. Take ground drumstick pods and leaves. Mix together well with few drops of lime juice. Make a paste and apply on pimples.

2. Take equal amount of lemon juice and groundnut oil. Mix and form a paste. Apply on face and leave for about 15 minutes and wash off with water. It is good for prevent pimples.

3. Mix lemon juice into a full glass of boiled milk. Apply as a face wash regularly. It is a good face wash for pimples.

4. Fresh mint juice is a good treatment for pimples. Apply fresh mint juice over the face before going to the bed.

5. Take ripe tomatoes pulp and apply on the pimples. Leave it for one hour and wash off with water.

6. Take one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and 9-10 drops of rose water. Make a paste of sandalwood powder with rose water. Apply it over the face and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

7. Take two teaspoon of roasted and pomegranate powder and 8-10 drops of lemon juice. Make a paste and apply it on affected areas of your face.

8. You should try a facial mud mask. It may shrink a pimple.

9. You should use the lightest-weight moisturizer and avoid overmoisturizing the skin.

10. You must drink 9-10 glass of water daily.

11. Juice of raw papaya is the best treatment for pimples. Apply fresh juice of raw papaya on pimples and get a good result.

How to reduce Pimples

1. Regularly shampoo your hair.

2. You should avoid unnecessarily touching your affected areas.

3. You should change your dirty cloths , always wear clean and fresh cloth.

4. Wash your face twice a day with mild soap.

5. You should avoid over make-up, only wear on special occasions.

6. Try to minimize your stress levels.

7. You should keep a food diary to work out.

Breast Cancer Screening Needs to Improve Among Foreign Born Women in the US

Though mammography rates have increased among foreign-born women residing in the United States, these women are still less likely to have undergone breast cancer screening than native-born U.S. women, results of a study showed.

These study results were presented at the Fourth AACR Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities, held Sept. 18-21, 2011, in Washington, D.C.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University believe that lack of access to health insurance and a regular source of health care are important factors related to the lower percentage of mammography screening among U.S. immigrants.

“There is progress, overall, in use of mammography among foreign-born women in the United States, but there is still a lot of work to do to improve their use of recommended breast cancer screening,” said the study’s lead researcher Nengliang (Aaron) Yao, a doctoral student in health policy and administration.

Yao and colleagues used data from the 2000 and 2008 National Health Interview Survey, conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics and administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, to look at mammography screening among immigrants and factors associated with use. Information on immigrants’ legal status was not included in the survey.

Screening rates among immigrants increased from about 60.2 percent in 2000 to 65.5 percent in 2008, and disparities in the use of mammography between immigrants and native women narrowed from 11.2 percent in 2000 to 3.4 percent in 2008

7 Tips Coloring Gray Hair: How to Best Color, Style & Care for Your Silver Mane

Whether you’re trying to cover up grey roots, all-grey hair or salt and pepper colored hair, trying to hide your grey can be very challenging. Many women and men think they only have the option of using an at-home all-over color dye from brands like Clairol, but the truth is there are several options for trying to cover gray hair.

  1. Use Highlights To Hide Gray Hair:
    Many people don’t realize they can use highlights to help hide their gray or silver hair. Because gray hair often has an ash tone to it, some people can get heavy highlights and the gray will blend in effortlessly. Those who have premature gray hairs popping up often choosing this option, as it allows them to look youthful while covering the gray patches. Remember, often premature gray hair is a genetic issue, not just an issue for old people! Highlights often allow you to go longer in between your regrowth touchups, as well.
  2. Use Low Lights to Cover Gray:
    While low lights aren’t nearly as commonly used or popular as highlights, they work brilliantly to cover up small areas of gray hair. Low lights are pretty much reverse highlights, where the procedure is the same but the color tint used is darker than your natural hair color. This allows you to get rid of your gray, without having to dye all of your hair and is also great for long or short hair.
  3. All Over Dying Products for All Over Gray Coverage:
    If you have white hair all over your head or have so much you’d rather just dye all of it, choosing an all-over dying product might be best. Most often, it’s best to look for permanent (not temporary) dye, to ensure your gray gets maximum coverage results. If you’re experiencing any type of hair loss, going darker with an all-over dye can also often give the illusion of having thicker hair.
  4. Tinted Shampoos for Small Areas of Gray:
    If you’re dealing with smaller areas of gray hair, you might be able to use tinted shampoos to help you cover your gray. These shampoos are only temporary coloring agents, but if you use them on a daily basis you likely won’t have to worry about maintaining your color. It will be a part of your everyday routine!
  5. Try a Different Part in Between Dye Jobs:
    Use your hairline to your advantage! If your gray hairs are showing up mostly in your usual hair part, consider putting a zig zag part in your hair until you can get them touched up. This confuses the eye and can often camouflage your grays.
  6. Accessorize that Silver Hair:
    Think about hair accessories. If even creating a new part doesn’t really hide your grays, think about wearing an adorable hat or hair scarf for the day. This is not a long term option, but it can help you out when you’re in a pinch!
  7. Change Your Products:
    Aging doesn’t only wreck havoc on your body, but it can also cause changes in your hair. It’s important to reassess your hair as you age, which can mean you might need to change your hair products to match your changing hair characteristics. For instance, your hair may become more brittle, requiring you to use a more conditioning shampoo than you needed in the past. To get the best results with your hair, you’ll need to constantly be aware of its condition.

Sometimes you don’t have time to cover your gray roots, but you might need a quick trick to disguise them for the moment. If you want to style your hair to cover gray hairs quickly, use these helpful tips!

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