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The “At Home” Facial
Makeup Tips: How to Apply, Styles & Cosmetic Products Advice
Three more died of Dengue in Lahore

The “At Home” Facial

Skip the spa and treat yourself to a facial at home! With just a few products and ingredients that you can find in your own home, you can give yourself a professional facial at home that will make you feel and look more youthful and refreshed.

How to Begin

You will want to gather everything together before you begin so that you can be fully relaxed as you prepare for your facial. Start off by trying to find a quieter area of your house (this is especially important if you have children or live in a noisy apartment complex) so that you can become as calm and comfortable as possible.

Next, gather together the following tools:

  • Two large bowls of warm water
  • 2 facial clothes or sponges
  • A headband to hold back your hair
  • A warm towel or two
  • A timer
  • Cleanser
  • Mask
  • Moisturizer
  • Toner
  • Oil
  • Cotton ball or pads
  • Two cucumber slices

Tie back your hair and fasten either a headband or a towel around it so that your hair is fully protected. You may also want to change into a robe or loose, comfortable clothing prior to giving yourself a facial.

Check Out your Skin

Use your cleanser to completely remove all traces of makeup and oil from your face. Use a gentle, sweeping movement to spread the product in an upwards motion, from the chin to the jaw line, to the cheeks, base of the nose, your temples and up to your forehead. Working in an upwards motion will help increase the blood flow in your face, which in turn helps it appear more youthful and rejuvenated.

When your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, remove the cleanser by rinsing it or using some cleansing sponges. Inspect your skin closely. What type of skin do you have? If you have oily skin, then you do not need to massage your skin nearly as much than if you have dry skin. Acne prone skin also tends to not need a lot of massaging.

Time to Steam

Dip one of the facial towels into a bowl or warm water, and the place it over your face. Lie down or sit back and focus on relaxing for those 5 to 10 minutes. Steaming helps open up your pores so that you can more easily remove oil, blackheads, makeup, and all other types of dirt that can cause our skin to break out and age prematurely.


With your fingers, massage your skin in a circular motion, moving from the bottom of you face (the chin and lower jaw) to the top of your face (right up to your hairline). Do this for 3 to 5 minutes.

Makeup Tips: How to Apply, Styles & Cosmetic Products Advice



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Three more died of Dengue in Lahore

One girl died in Lahore on Friday, dengue fever withdengue virus appears to be beyond the control of health authorities and the government,PakistanGeoNews Reported.

The deceased, 18-year-old Kajal was a resident of Qurban Line, was admitted to Services Hospital Lahore after being tested positive with dengue.

A, 32-year-old Memona, passed away in Fauji Foundation Hospital where she was being treated fromdengue virus.

The dengue fever has claimed the lives of 32 people in Lahore, besides affecting some 6,000 people

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has fixed the fee of complete blood count (CBC) test Rs 90 for private laboratories and warned that a stern action would be taken against the laboratories charging extra money.

Dengue Awareness .Must share.

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