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TV actress Sana Khan killed in road accident
Internet service was disrupted throughout in Pakistan
Whatsapp servers down
Elephant start speaking video
Gideon Sundback, inventor of zipper featured in Google Doodle
China, Russia sign $7bn deals ahead of Putin visit

TV actress Sana Khan killed in road accident

JAMSHORO: Renowned Pakistani drama actress and model, Sana Khan, passed away following a road accident on highway this evening while her actor husband Baber Khan received critical injuries.

According to local media reports, the newly married couple, Sana Khan and Baber Khan, was going towards Hyderabad city from Karachi when the sorrowful accident took place at highway.

The most popular drama of Sana Khan that was aired on ARY digital is ”Parchaiyaan”.

The couple tied the knot in last December, received severe injuries in the incident of vehicle overturned; however, the accurate reasons of the accident has not unveiled till yet.

Baber Khan, who also got serious injuries, is admitted in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at local hospital, however, his wife Sana didn’t survive and succumbed to injuries.

The young actress’ dead body will be shifted to her hometown Karachi.

Whatsapp servers down

Whatsapp servers down 3 days after $19B Landmark deal



Instant messaging service WhatsApp server has been down since 22nd Feb 1:38pm EST.

People from various countries have reported technical failures such not being able to connect to the system server and so have been unable to send or receive messages or change their status.

On 19th February Facebook bought Whatsapp for US$19 billion in an unprecedented landmark deal

WhatsApp acknowledged the server problem and said it would be active soon.

whatsapp status

Elephant start speaking video

Koshik the Elephant Can Speak Some Korean

Scientists say the elephant can pronounce several korean words, including ‘hello’ and ‘good’ by using it’s trunk…

Gideon Sundback, inventor of zipper featured in Google Doodle

Gideon Sundback, the Swedish-American electrical engineer, has been featured in a Google Doodle today. Mainly known for his work in the development of the zipper, Soundback was born in Sweden in 1880, later he moved to Germany after finishing his schooling and joined a polytechnic school.

Gideon Sundback emigrated to United States in 1905 and was hired to work for the Universal Fastener Company the next year. This was the start of his work with the zipper, Sundback made several advances in the development of the zipper between 1906 and 1914.

In 1914, Gideon developed a version of zipper based on interlocking teeth, the “Hookless No. 2”, which was the base of modern metal zipper. He later got a United States patent no. 1219881 for the “Separable Fastener”.

Sundback was not only involved in the invention of modern zipper but also created the manufacturing machine for the new zipper. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 1951. Gideon died of a heart condition in 1954 and was honoured by inclusion in the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his work on the development of the zipper.

China, Russia sign $7bn deals ahead of Putin visit

BEIJING: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin travels to China Tuesday for talks likely to focus on a gas deal mired in discord, a day after the two countries signed trade deals worth more than $7 billion.

Putin will be accompanied by a 160-member delegation for his two-day visit — his first abroad since he declared a planned Kremlin comeback — during which he will meet his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao.

China’s foreign ministry said Tuesday the two countries had already signed 16 economic and trade agreements worth more than $7 billion “in the fields of technology transfer, research and development and mineral development”.

It gave no further details of the deals, which were signed at a summit Monday held ahead of Putin’s visit.

Observers say the Russian prime minister may lay out his foreign policy priorities for years to come during the trip, which follows last month’s announcement that he plans to reclaim the presidency.

Putin has paid frequent visits to China — where he is very well known — in his capacities as president and then prime minister since he took power in 1999.

Plans to pump Russian gas to China are expected to top talks between the two sides. Russia is the world’s largest energy producer and China the largest energy consumer.

Russian gas giant Gazprom and China National Petroleum Company signed a framework agreement in 2009 that could eventually see almost 70 billion cubic metres of Russian gas sent to China annually for the next 30 years.

However, talks have become bogged down in pricing disagreements. Hu’s visit to Moscow in June delivered no breakthrough, and Chinese state media said this trip was also unlikely to yield a firm, final contract.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said Monday that “new progress and achievements” had been made in energy talks, but did not specify whether he was referring to the gas agreement.

The Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute says that China’s dependence on Russia for arms and energy imports has declined and Moscow’s position when dealing with Beijing has weakened as a result.

It pointed out in a report last week that China had found other partners in the oil and gas sectors in the Middle East, Africa or central Asia.

Russia and China set much store by their bilateral ties and are often viewed as partners in international diplomacy.

China became Russia’s top trading partner for the first time last year and the two countries want to nearly double trade to $100 billion by 2015 and then to $200 billion by 2020.

Both countries are veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council, and last week infuriated the West by blocking a UN resolution against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s deadly crackdown on protests.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow and Beijing were ready to propose a new UN resolution on Syria that would condemn violence carried out both by al-Assad’s regime and the rebel opposition.

But some experts say that in reality there is little trust between the two countries.

Russia’s security service the FSB revealed last week that it had been holding a Chinese national identified as Tong Shengyong for the past year on espionage charges linked to Russia’s S-300 surface-to-air missiles.

Neither the Kremlin nor Beijing, a major purchaser of Russian weapons, have issued any comment, in a possible attempt to suppress the issue ahead of Putin’s visit.

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