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Elephant start speaking video
Picture on the dust
The Baby Jumping Festival of Castillo
Sword Fish
Funny Hairs Styles Of Famous Celebrities
FIT-PC2 – World’s Smallest PC

Elephant start speaking video

Koshik the Elephant Can Speak Some Korean

Scientists say the elephant can pronounce several korean words, including ‘hello’ and ‘good’ by using it’s trunk…

The Baby Jumping Festival of Castillo

Known as El Colacho in Spain, the Baby-Jumping Festival is a popular event that takes place in Castillo de Murcia near Burgos, every year since 1620. It’s basically all about infants laying on a blanket and adults dressed as devils jumping over them a procession that’s supposed to cleanse the little ones of all evil doings. Doesn’t sound like it works, but hey who am to contradict tradition? just wonder if in history any of the devils tripped and fell over the poor babie.

Sword Fish

Collection of Beautiful Pictures of Sword Fish found near the Coast…..Very Big Size Fish….!

Funny Hairs Styles Of Famous Celebrities

Woooh this is really very funny pictures collection on celebrities hairs styles. I should say that its not real but its manipulated as you know that manipulation is the way of changing the real image into modify image its very awesome technology. its is use in many software like adope photoshop etc. I am very big fan of very first hero because i really love  racing movies and i see all his movies part but i think fast five is boring because that part have less racing and full of story. I am also fan of rock but i cannot see his hairs like below image. lolllzzzz you can also enjoy the post if you know who is the celebrities. This is list of 15 best and funny celebrities pictures which should inspire you to cut your hairs like that Lollzzz.

FIT-PC2 – World’s Smallest PC

CompuLab has just introduced its new PC. It’s fast, quiet and most importantly, it’s tiny.

Designed around the Intel Atom Z530 1.6 Ghz processor, the smallish Fit-pc2 is a real power-saver too. It manages to run Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux, using just 6W and can render full HD 1080p videos with just 7W.

The Fit-pc2 is fan and blower free, managing to stay cool thanks to its smart aluminum casing that dissipates heat. It may be just 4”x4.5”x1.05” (smaller that a CD), but it’s a pretty mean machine for its size.

* 1.6GHz x86 CPU
* SATA hard disk
* DVI with graphics acceleration
* High definition audio
* LAN and WLAN
* 6 USB ports

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