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what role Article Submission Services play in ranking of your website
what is use of
 Tags in website design
Is HTML language case sensitive?
what is SGML and how it related to website design
if you’ve done 6 months of SEO for a site and yet there haven’t been any improvements
what is Domain Age? Is this play any role in SEO

what is use of
 Tags in website design

Text in a pre element
is displayed in a fixed-width
font, and it preserves
both      spaces and
line breaks


<pre> Twas brillig and the slithey toves 
 Did gyre and gimble 
the wabe </pre>

Twas brillig and the slithey toves
    Did gyre and gimble


Is HTML language case sensitive?

In short, no.

HTML can be written in any form of casing you want. HTML markup should be written in lowercase as a rule of thumb. XML requires you to use lowercase or errors will be generate

what is SGML and how it related to website design

  • Short for Standard Generalized Markup Language, a system for organizing and tagging elements of a document.
  • SGML was developed and standardized by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) in 1986.
  • SGML itself does not specify any particular formatting; rather, it specifies the rules for tagging elements.
  • These tags can then be interpreted to format elements in different ways.
  • The language that this Web browser uses, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), is an example of an SGML-based language

Examples of SGML markup


  • simple ASCII
  • markup distinguished from text
  • markup encloses text
  • markup contains other markup

From the Gentle Introduction:

   <poem><title>The SICK ROSE</title>
           <line>O Rose thou art sick.</line>
           <line>The invisible worm,</line>
           <line>That flies in the night</line>
           <line>In the howling storm:</line>
           <line>Has found out thy bed</line>
           <line>Of crimson joy:</line>
           <line>And his dark secret love</line>
           <line>Does thy life destroy.</line>
           <!-- more poems go here    -->

An HTML example:

Doctors recommend this resort for the treatment of
circulatory and central nervous systems illnesses. At
the same time Tusnad Spa is an ideal place for
tourists who enjoy an active relaxation.
The walks to the Hawk's Rock, to Lake St. Anna, to
the Lover's Clearing, the wanderings among fir trees,
the swimming pools with mezothermal water, the
special taste of the local bread rolls, the day and
night cafes, the rides by carriages drawn by horses,
the tours by coach to Lacul Rosu - Bicaz Pass or to
Sovata - Corund are some of the special attractions
of the resort.
<CENTER>St. Anna's Lake <IMG SRC="t51.gif"></CENTER>
The resort has also convenient sporting facilities
for those who would like to play tennis or soccer.
Excellent possibilities for hickings. Sauna and
swimming pool.  Discotheques all evenings.

An example from CES, the Corpus Encoding Standard:

  <div id="Oro.1.2" type=chapter n=1>
    <p id="Oro.1.2.2">
      <s id="Oro.">&Icirc;ntr-o zi
      senin&abreve; &scedil;i friguroas&abreve; de
      aprilie, pe c&acirc;nd ceasurile b&abreve;teau
      ora treisprezece, <name type="person">Winston
      Smith</name>, cu b&abreve;rbia
      &icirc;nfundat&abreve; &icirc;n piept pentru a
      sc&abreve;pa de v&acirc;ntul care-l lua pe sus,
      se strecur&abreve; iute prin u&scedil;ile de
      sticl&abreve; ale <name type="place">Blocului
      Victoria</name>, de&scedil;i nu destul de
      repede pentru a &icirc;mpiedica un v&acirc;rtej
      de praf &scedil;i nisip s&abreve;
      p&abreve;trund&abreve; o dat&abreve; cu el.

if you’ve done 6 months of SEO for a site and yet there haven’t been any improvements

Q:if you’ve done 6 months of SEO for a site and yet there haven’t been any improvements, how would you go about diagnosing the problem
  • Brand new domain with no domain authority yet? 6 Months for a competetive term?
  • Site black listed?
  • Site has errors on it and can’t be crawled (robots.txt file sitemap.xml file – Google Sitemaps account will tell you)
  • Site is not search engine frinedly.

Your doing something wrong if you have not seen any results in six months… Even with a super competitive keyword you could move in 6 months.

But like everyone else said it depends on a lot of thing like how well your ranking now how much better those ranking above you are doing SEO. The difference between your linking profile and those ranking above you.

The list goes on and on without detail your asking us an impossible question.

what is Domain Age? Is this play any role in SEO

  • Domain age is the total age of your domain, it counts at the date of registraion of your domain name, and SEO will give priority to old domain
  • Domain age means how old your site is actually on internet and yup it definitely has a positive impact on SEO field as well.

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