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High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2013, Social Bookmarking Sites 2013
Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites 2013
how to remove auto draft post
Alexa Rank Widget WordPress plugin
HowTo MakeEffective Directory Submissions
Google PageRank Update November 2012

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2013, Social Bookmarking Sites 2013


4. wikilinked
5. winkbookmark
6. wizora
7. wordblowup
8. writerightcrafting
9. 1800web1
10. 2mipg
11. 2of7
12. 3rshfa
13. 420press
14. acceleratein
15. allpctips
16. alltradelinks
17. altairmedia
18. amplitudeof
19. anaujiram
20. arcmolding
21. aryanlink
22. asmbookmarks
23. avogrados
24. back2link
25. baconporium
26. bako
27. bestdirectory
28. bestwebspaces
29. betortured
30. biggestmovers
31. bizteamup
32. blogcyber
33. bookmarkbig
34. bookmarkdiamond
35. bookmarkingday
36. bookmarkingsite
37. bookmarkingtime
38. bookmarksforu
39. bookmarkshare
40. bookmarksreal
41. bookmarktou
42. bookzseo
43. brolithium
44. buzztin
45. centremeta
46. chettinad
47. chopsteel
48. cogradient
49. couplingpath
50. crazysocialbookmarking
51. cruber
52. cyclestroke
53. digitfest
54. do-follows
55. dtcbackup
56. easy1page
57. easybookmarking
58. eccenlimit
59. effortlinks
60. effortmove
61. eggig
62. electrofancy
63. elretaule
64. entropypath
65. errr
66. etrafficz
67. exportersget
68. expvalve
69. ezkinetics
70. favrbrands
71. firednews
72. freepostclassified
73. freshping
74. freshtoday
75. fun-together
76. funbola
77. get4url
78. gettechsolution
79. gotagged
80. grampers
81. gvbookmarks
82. heliumbeta
83. hitspanda
84. hulklink
85. humansthink
86. ibookmaven
87. imfo
88. indiawebs
89. jetkitty
90. lakepointe
91. letsoverrun
92. liderdelweb
93. linkingjunction
94. linksbang
95. linktosocial
96. lotuslifestyles
97. ltvq
98. mlyuk
99. msbookmarks
100. mtgtweets

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites 2013

social-bookmarking-sitesSocial Bookmarking Websites are an extremely important resource for boosting traffic to your website and building your business.

  1. Twitter – An online social networking service which allows users to send “Tweets” of up to 140 characters. Handles over 1.6 Billion searches per day.
  2. Pinterest – A pinboard-style sharing website that allows users to “pin” photos and links they find useful and interesting. Reaches 85.5 Million unique visits per month.
  3. StumbleUpon – A discovery engine that recommends content to its users. It allows users to rate web pages and photos that are personalized to their intersts. Reaches over 15 Million new visitors per month.
  4. Reddit – A social entertainment website which allows users to submit content in the form of a link post. Users then vote on the content so that it may be ranked. Reaches over 16 Million per month.
  5. Buzzfeed – Features social content provided by users and is a platform with which users can share the content with friends. Receives around 14.5 Million unique visits per month.
  6. Delicious – A social bookmarking site for storing, sharing and discovering web-bookmars. Has over 500 Million bookmarked URLs. Users can tag bookmarks to share with others.
  7. Digg – A social news website which allows people to vote content up or down. Receives an estimated 3.08 millions unique visits per month.
  8. Google+ – A social networking and identity service which allows users to share links, photos, and likes with other users. Many websites now have a Google+ “like” button so featured content can be added easily. Has over 235 active users per month.
  9. Diigo – A social bookmarking website which allows users to bookmark and tag web-pages. Allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes which can be shared with a group or linked elsewhere. Receives over 1.2 million unique visits per month.
  10. Blogger – A blog publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs. Users can then share and comments on the blog posts. Reaches over 1.7 million users per month.

how to remove auto draft post

I am getting posts titled AUTO DRAFT, even when published and now articles in pages are being titled AUTO DRAFT.


auto draft post


Alexa Rank Widget WordPress plugin

Displays the Alexa traffic rank in the sidebar of your blog via widget interface or anywhere else via function call. The Plugin comes with 2 different layouts. This plugin is open source and any one can freely download this wordpress plugin.

Alexa Rank Widget WordPress plugin will get show options for showing the Alexa rank in side bar.

  1. Squre – Button  (120 x 95)
  2. Vertical – Vertical Banner  (120 x 240)

1. Preview of Alexa Rank Widget with image and rank with squre box.


2 Preview of Alexa Rank Widget with image and rank with verticle box.


3  Alexa Rank Widget admin panel for your configration of your button as per your choice


You can download Alexa Rank Widget from following URL:

Alexa Rank Widget : Download

Official URL of Alexa Rank Widget wordpress plugin:

HowTo MakeEffective Directory Submissions

MakeEffective Directory Submissions

  • Anyone can easily understand and follow the process who have have some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge
  • 3. The first and the most important step is to study the website for which you are going to start your work The next step is to have your titles and description ready. Create as many sets as you would like to in advance and have it in in an excel file. This will speed up the submission process.
  • 4. Make a Complete detail from Website which include:TitleUrlDescriptionNameEmail-idKeywords
  • 5. The next important step is to select the category in which you are going to submit your site because if category is not right then there are very less chances of approval, that’s why studying website is very important which will make you understand what services or information your website is providing.Use Free Auto fill form tools available on Web so that you can increase your directory submissions speed.
  • 6. Before Starting Directory Submission Process just make sure that all details are collected and saved.There are lots of sites where you can find free Directory List for example you can go
  • 7. Now go to any one of those sites and start submitting your site to Directories.Do directory submissions as many as possible and on every keyword.When you have large number of keywords then do at least 30-50 submissions for every keyword. You can change the number according to the keyword because some keywords require more submissions than other because of the competitiveness.
  • 8. Directory submissions are of three types:RegularFeaturedRegular with ReciprocalRegular submissions are Free of Cost.Featured submissions are paid submissions. Reciprocal link exchange will be taking place mostly in between two sites and sometimes in between a normal site and a directory site.
  • 9. Paid submission is quickly accepted if your site is good and you don’t have to wait months for someone to review your site. But the question arises why to go for paid ones when you can get back links free of cost, that’s why most of Seo optimizers opts free submissions rather than paid ones.
  • 10. While doing directory submissions make sure that you are providing correct information and in neat and clean way otherwise the editor will not approve your link so do not just concentrate on more directory submissions but concentrate on Quality Factor as well.Now let us just take a look at Directory Submission Process:
  • 12. Directory Submission looks simple process but not easy as it is fruitful only when your links are getting Approval and ultimately you get more back links.

Google PageRank Update November 2012

Google updates toolbar PageRank about four times a year. They updated it in August, and now they’ve updated it again (8th November 2012). Some sites are going up, and some are going down, but in both cases, webmasters are noticing.

You can install toolbar SEO Quake to check PR or use PR Tracking 

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