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Dengue claims 11 more
Dengue claims three more lives
Punjab Dengue death toll climbs to 124
Dengue death toll in Lahore reaches 106
Dengue kills six more in Lahore
Dengue claims 2 more lives in Lahore

Dengue claims 11 more

LAHORE/KARACHI – Another 11 people died of dengue virus in Lahore and Karachi on Monday amid the government’s claims that the dengue virus was declining. Two of Monday’s deaths came in Karachi, taking the dengue death toll in the port city to seven. In Punjab, the dengue virus has so far claimed 152 lives, 139 of which have occurred in Lahore.
On Monday, Safdar Khan, 42, died at Mayo Hospital, while Arsalan, 14, Farhat, 35, Zuberia, 27 and Rafaqat, 60, passed away at Services Hospital, while Shakeela, 26, died at Ganga Ram Hospital. Hafeezan Bibi, 80, Ismaeel, 50, and Ali Raza died of dengue fever at Jinnah Hospital. The number of new dengue cases also continued to rise and 325 patients were tested positive for the virus, 258 in Lahore alone.
Currently, 1,573 patients are under treatment for the disease across Punjab. Meanwhile in Karachi, a teenager and a woman died of dengue virus at Karachi Civil Hospital. Despite clear directives from the Sindh government, the Sindh Dengue Surveillance Cell has been concealing the number of deaths and positive cases reported in the province

Dengue claims three more lives

LAHORE: Dengue claimed three more lives as the death toll climbed to 127 in the city and 139 in the Punjab, Geo News reported Sunday.

The total number of cases is more than 12,000 in the province out of which 11,243 cases are in Lahore.

According to details obtained through independent sources, out of the three deaths reported in the city, a 65-year-old Khursheed, a resident of Sanda Road, died due to dengue fever in Ganga Raam Hospital. Saleem, 23, resident of GOR-2 and another patient of the killer disease lost their lives in the city taking the death toll to 127 in provincial capital only, the worst affected.

According to Health Department’s report released on Saturday, the total number of dengue patients reported in Punjab from January 2011 to date has reached 12,846 out of which over 11,243 were diagnosed in Lahore alone. As many as 467 new dengue fever cases have been found in Punjab, out of which at least 339 fresh cases have been reported in Lahore during the last 24 hours.

At present 1,649 dengue patients were under treatment in different hospital of Punjab out of which 1,366 were admitted in different hospitals of Lahore. Besides, as many as 12,379 dengue patients have been cured and discharged from the hospitals so far.

Punjab Dengue death toll climbs to 124

The menace of Dengue fever continues to play with the lives in Lahore as six more persons died during last 24 hours.

The death toll in the disease has climbed to 124 with fresh deaths, while several others were tested positive for the deadly virus.

The total number of dengue patients in Punjab reached 11054 and out of these 9787 are in Lahore. So far 10583 dengue patients have been cured and discharged out of which 9490 belong to Lahore. At present 1132 patients are under treatment at different hospitals of the province and out of these 895 are in Lahore.

The authorities have directed for delivering daily lectures in academic institutions to create awareness about the deadly disease.

Dengue death toll in Lahore reaches 106

LAHORE – All measures taken by the Punjab government to contain dengue mosquito appear to be failing as another five people have succumbed to the deadly virus in Lahore on Tuesday taking death toll in Lahore to 106.
According to the Punjab Health Department, more than 10, 000 people have been affected by the mosquito-borne virus in Punjab so far.
The provincial government and medical experts term the virus a social problem instead of medical one. They say the virus could not be contained without public support.
People mostly women and children are continuously visiting city hospitals while the hospital administration said that it was not possible to satisfy each patient due to overwhelming number of patients.
Experts said that the virus might spread fast due to load shedding that has again started in the city. Therefore, it is critical to control load shedding in order to get control over the virus spread.
Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif chaired the session of dengue emergency meeting where it was decided that strict action would be taken against school administration that will not follow the instructions regarding school uniform.

Dengue kills six more in Lahore

Death toll reaches 68 with six more victims who lost the battle against dengue virus. 

According to the report the number of dengue patients is increasing in Multan, Faisalabad and KPK.

Two patients died in Ganga Ram Hosdpital, Lahore. Zahid 37 was a resident of Rajgarh and Mohammaed Saleem 55 was from Outfall Road. Nasreen Fatma, 30 resident of Upper Mall died due to dwindling count of platelets in Meo Hospital.

Fatima of Dera Ghazi Khan was also among the victims. Seven people in Gujrat and, 18 in Multan were confirmed to have dengue virus. Total number of patients in Multan has gone up to 119 and with 34 more patients the total number of patients has risen to 440 in Faisalabad.

In KPK 109 patients of dengue are being treated. Health Department has reported that 440 more cases of dengue have been detected

Dengue claims 2 more lives in Lahore

LAHORE: Two more people died on Tuesday from the Dengue virus that has pushed the overall death toll to 46 in the city, Geo News reported.

There is still no respite from the virus as the death toll is continuously rising across the province. Two more patients of Dengue, 32-year old Khalil and 35-year-old Javed lost their lives today and could not survive the virus attack despite efforts by the doctors.

Attendants accompanying patients complained that the teams have not yet carried out fumigation in their areas despite government orders.

Meanwhile the provincial health department appealed that only one person should come with the patient to the hospital to avoid crowd.

According to the health department, medical experts from Sri Lanka advised that people should only come to the hospital if their fever does not subside in three days.

On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has revised the remuneration from Rs325 to Rs500 for fumigation team members.

The Chief Minister has also ordered strict action against private hospitals that are violating government policies regarding the virus control.

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