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Gul Ahmed Textiles Suits With Pretty Models

This is collection on beautiful and latest printed suits collection, this is also know as shalwar kameez, As everyone know that shalwar kameez is common dress of pakistan and also india, Pakistani girls love wear pretty, printed shalwar kameez. This is collection of Gul ahmed, gul ahmed is wonderful and creative designer which may designed a lot of dresses with different color combination. Gul Ahmed dressing is presenting super models of pakistan. These models is really so beautiful and attractive. Indulge in the digital fetish with true to life designs in vibrant hues & luxurious fabric…. Digital brush strokes , Spring is born on a sweet-scented breeze , as luscious blooms and feathery florals scatter over sheer silks and charming cottons .


Shoaib Akhtar cancels Mumbai launching ceremony of “Controversially Yours”

MUMBAI: Shoaib Akhtar has cancelled the launching ceremony of his autobiography ‘Controversially Yours’ in Mumbai. According to reports in the Indian media, the launching ceremony was scheduled for Sunday. The autobiography has lived up to its title as Shoaib has criticised several former cricketers including Indian batsmen Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. Earlier the autobiography was launched in New Delhi and the ceremony was attended by Pakistan High Commissioner to India Shahid Malik. During that ceremony the former fast bowler said that people should read his autobiography first to “understand his remarks” about Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, and added that they are “world class cricketers”.

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Salman Khan’s new Romanian interest

MUMBAI: While Salman Khan is busy shooting for his next film with Katrina Kaif in Dublin, a Romanian magazine has linked him up with a local TV news presenter named Iulia Vantur. According to the report, Iulia met Salman last year when she came to India for a holiday. She met him through a producer friend. At that time, she was dating her long-time boyfriend Marius Moga. However, she made another trip to India this year after breaking up with Moga. Salman helped her get over the break up and she stayed in touch with him after she returned to her country. The magazine reveals that Iulia has now adopted an Indian lifestyle. So much so, that she even observes traditional festivals, visits temples and reads the scriptures. Her sense of dressing has also changed, with her wearing the shalwar-kameez and even saris! Talking to the magazine, she admitted that meeting Salman was a turning point in her life and that the two are very ...

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Should India Buy Weapons from Pakistan?

India is spending $11 billion on buying arms from US, Russia and others. If they spend one billion on buying weapons from the Pakistani military-industrial complex, they could have a reasonable chance of making peace with a vowed enemy in their backyard. The eternal enmity that ensued with the partition has caused enough death and destruction in the sub-continent already, and the looming threat of nuclear war makes the future insecure. Some visionary leadership is needed to steer the future clear of this imminent death threat hanging over 1.5 billion lives. Terrorism being the stumbling block, all efforts at negotiations between India and Pakistan came to naught once again. The suffering of the people and environment were ignored over patriotic ambitions, conspiratorial war-mongering and supremacy. In a conflict between two in-equal entities, initiative rests on the one who is bigger. A proactive approach, that engages Paki...

March 24, 2010

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Welcome to America, Mr. Singh!

When Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh comes to Washington DC next week his priority number one will be to dispel any doubts of Washington’s commitment to New Delhi in a region where it rivals China and Pakistan — both seen as U.S. foreign policy priorities. Indian diplomats and White House representative tell us that two leaders will discuss issues ranging from environment to accelerating the completion of a landmark civilian nuclear deal signed last year with Bush administration. It is rather interesting that Mr. Singh will be in Washington a week after President Obama in Beijing pledged to strengthen ties with China. It is no secret that America views India as a countervailing force against rising China. America encourages India’s increasing involvement in Afghanistan, and calculates that Indian and American interests coincide in seeking to develop pipelines that would draw central Asia’s oil reserves toward the Ind...

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Pakistan’s Star Role On HBO Documentary

oday we mark the one year anniversary of the darkest day in South Asia’s history. On November 26, 2008, ten misguided young men who were being controlled by a command  center in Pakistan reached Mumbai in a small fishing boat. Before entering the shores of Mumbai these terrorists had already killed the captain and crew of the boat. HBO today televised a documentary narrated by Fareed Zakaria, a Mumbai born American journalist. ‘Terror in Mumbai.’ an extremely informative documentary compresses three days of mayhem – three days when ten Pakistani young men who had mobile phones and machine guns killed 170 people and wounded 300 more, sending shockwaves of fear around the world. I was horrified watching this 360-degree view of the terrorist act, recounted in harrowing detail – especially because these young men came from a country, I call my own. Phone calls intercepted and recorded between these men sent on ‘jihad...