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Millat Grammar School Temporary Opened
President Zardari summons National Assembly session on October 3rd
Several countries in touch with Haqqani Network: Kayani
37 million votes are bogus in new voter lists : ECP
LPG Prices Increases by OGRA Rs: 13
Zardari Hails China For Nuke Cooperation

Millat Grammar School Temporary Opened

The Millat Grammar School re opened after the tragedic incident, which was died 31 students on the spot,

Millat Grammar School temporary reopens because other students of the school face problems in their studies.

Millat Grammar School sealed and its registration was cancelled when school bus come back to the trip and got accident near Kalar Kahar Mountains and near about 40 died including students and teachers.

In this accident vice principle of school also was killed on the spot.

Now, the district administration supervise the school, and could be save in future like that incidents.

President Zardari summons National Assembly session on October 3rd

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has summoned the National Assembly (NA) session on October 3 here.

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has advised the President to summon the session to discuss national security situation, a statement from the PM house said.

The session, being held following a series of allegations by senior US officials will focus on the security situation and the challenges confronting the country.

Several countries in touch with Haqqani Network: Kayani

A rejoinder issued by the ISPR on Friday quoted Gen Kayani as having said that Admiral Mullen’s statement was “very unfortunate and not based on facts”.

But significantly embedded within the brief rejoinder was an unspoken acknowledgment that Haqqanis were crucial for reconciliation in Afghanistan and, therefore, a number of countries, including Pakistan, maintained contact with them.

“Admiral Mullen knows fully well which countries are in contact with the Haqqanis. Singling out Pakistan is neither fair nor productive,” the army chief said.

A military official disclosed in a background conversation that the United States and a number of European countries had been talking to the Haqqanis for reconciliation. During some recent contacts, he said, Pakistan had made it clear to the US that its engagement with the Haqqani network should not be misconstrued as one meant to undermine American interests in Afghanistan.

“We worked with them for positive objectives which could have been useful for all stakeholders in the Afghan end-game,” he stressed.

Gen Kayani, the ISPR handout said, found Admiral Mullen’s diatribe disturbing because his prolonged meeting with the latter in Spain last week was “rather constructive”.

37 million votes are bogus in new voter lists : ECP

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued details of bogus votes in the new voter lists.

According to the details 50% of votes in FATA and Balochistan could not be confirmed.

It has been discovered that over 37 million votes in the new voter lists are suspicious. In Punjab 8 million votes could not be verified while the figure was 5.98 million in Sindh.

Islamabad had 1.5 million unconfirmed votes while in FATA the number of such votes stands at 7 million.

Over in Balochistan 2.7 million votes could not be confirmed.

LPG Prices Increases by OGRA Rs: 13

LPG Prices increases by OGRA  Oil and GasRegulatory Authority – OGRA has increased the prices of LPG Rs.13 per KG and new notification issued on Tuesday, E Pakistan News Reported.

Spokesman of LPG Marketing Association said the new rate would be applicable from Wednesday and as a result the price of the service would go up by Rs. 13 per KG.

Zardari Hails China For Nuke Cooperation

President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday hailed China for extending cooperation to Pakistan in civil nuclear technology.
The President stated these views while speaking at Pak-China Economic Forum in China. He said China set aside the global reservations regarding the deal between the two countries, which reflects the existence of warm and deepest relationships between the two friendly countries and a matter of pride and respect for Pakistan,. The president said Pak-China friendship is centuries old and it stood the test of the time. President Zardari said our relationships had now been passed to the third generation and now every child in Pakistan was looking forward to maintain it with the same warm sentiments.
Pak-China friendship was an important feature for peace and stability in the region, he said, adding, both countries had to stand together to fight the new challenges in the region. He said the rail and road links between the two neighboring countries would help boost trade and economic relations between the two countries. The President invited Chinese investors to invest in engineering, banking, communication, agriculture and energy sectors in Pakistan.

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