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Almost 10,000 people infected with dengue fever in Pakistan
Pakistan, US Agree To Step Up Efforts Against Terrorism
Gilani To Curtail Finance Ministry Role For Issuing Development Funds
Fake Degree Issue Creeps Up, PML-N Leading The Race
PEPCO Withdraws New Power Tariff
SC : Rejects PCO Judges’ Review Petition

Almost 10,000 people infected with dengue fever in Pakistan


A team of World Health Organization (WHO) is arriving on Sunday in Pakistan to help cope with dengue fever that has affected almost 10,000 people in the country, the Pakistani news agency INN reported, referring to official sources.

In recent weeks, dengue fever has rapidly spread across Pakistan but the country’s north-eastern Punjab province has been the worst hit by the virus, with over 8,700 infections registered in the provincial capital Lahore.

Dengue fever has already claimed 104 lives in Pakistan.

The WHO team will give suggestions to contain and eradicate the outbreak of dengue fever and will also provide health tips to medical practitioners for the treatment of the dengue virus. The experts will also visit the affected areas, INN reported.

The dengue virus causes an infectious tropical disease known as dengue fever, which is characterized by headaches, severe joint pain, and a rash. In some cases, far more life-threatening hemorrhagic fever or shock syndrome can develop.

Pakistan is trying to contain the outbreak of the mosquito-borne illness, but medical supplies in the region are running out.

Punjab is Pakistan’s most-populous province, with 56 percent of the country’s population of some 173 million living there.

Pakistan is already coping with flooding that has killed more than 225 people in recent weeks. Experts say poor hygiene is responsible for the spread of the disease, but heavy monsoon rains are also providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes, carriers of dengue fever

Pakistan, US Agree To Step Up Efforts Against Terrorism

Pakistan and the United States (US) officials discussed ways to increase law enforcement cooperation and combat terrorism at the final sectoral group meeting of the United States-Pakistan strategic dialogue.
This is the first time, this group has met since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi animated the US-Pakistan strategic dialogue in Washington D.C, in March this year.
The Pakistan side was led by Interior Minister Rehman Malik and the US side was co-chaired by Ambassador Daniel Benjamin, Coordinator for Counter-terrorism, US Department of State; and Bruce Swartz, US Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice. Both sides were assisted by senior officials from relevant departments and ministries.
The US delegation praised Pakistan’s efforts in addressing the terrorist threat and recognized the courage and extraordinary sacrifices made by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies and the public in the fight against terrorism as well as acknowledged the challenges faced by Pakistan. The Pakistani side also expressed appreciation for the US support and assistance provided to country’s law enforcement agencies in support of their counter-terrorism efforts.
The delegates discussed the terrorist threat and explored ways to increase law enforcement cooperation and civilian capacity to counter those threats. Both groups shared insights into the challenges and best practices in combating terrorist groups and their support networks. The delegates discussed ways to strengthen law enforcement and judicial capacity and enhance counter-terrorism legislation.
Both the sides also discussed how to strengthen border management for the flow of legal goods and services but at the same time stop terrorists’ transit and the smuggling of contraband. The group reviewed mechanisms to detect and deter financing of terrorist groups and discussed ways to increase cooperation and information sharing on terror financing. Both sides reaffirmed their unified commitment to strengthen engagement in combating the common enemy of terrorism.

Gilani To Curtail Finance Ministry Role For Issuing Development Funds

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said that the government has decided to curtail the role of Finance Ministry to issue funds for development projects. He said that foreign unnecessary visits would be ended from today to implement austerity measures.
Talking to media in Islamabad, the PM said that steps are being taken for restructuring of government departments. As for as, the funds for planning development would be approved, the projects would be completed, he added. He said that controlling inflation, depending on national resources and adopting austerity measures are the top priorities of the government. He urged all the departments and ministries to improve their performance. The PM said that Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa has been given Rs 25 billion and Punjab Rs 5 billion in terms of profit in wind electricity. Whereas it is directed to release funds to Balochistan under gas development surcharge. He said that audit of the PM House has been completed and it will also be held next year.

Fake Degree Issue Creeps Up, PML-N Leading The Race

The count of politicians having fake degrees is growing, as five more cases of fake degrees have been unveiled. The five latest case of a parliamentarians being found to be in possession of a fake degrees is among many cases of fake degrees in the recent past.
Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) is leading the race with the highest number of MNA’s and MPA’s found in possession of fake degrees. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is next in race while Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q)is last.
According to details, 13 of PML-N candidates have been holding fake degrees, while another 18 PML-N members have been challenged of holding fake degrees in different courts across the country. Seven of PPP candidates have been found guilty of holding fake degrees, while another 10 PPP members have been challenged of holding fake degrees in different courts across the country. PML-Q has only four members who been found guilty of possessing fake degrees.

PEPCO Withdraws New Power Tariff

The Pakistan Electric Power Company Limited (PEPCO) has withdrawn its policy of spliting the tariff into two different rates for morning and evening.
MD Pepco Tahir Basharat Cheema denied reports regarding power tariff hike and said there was no change in day and night tariff.
Earlier during the evening PEPCO DG announced split power tariff rates for day and night.
According to details, the new split rates will be applicable on newly installed meters. The day time is set as off-peak hours category while the night hours from 7pm to 11 pm has been set as peak hours category. The peak hours will be charged at Rs 10.87 while the rates for the off-peak hours will be charged at Rs 6.66.
Director General PEPCO Muhammad Khalid has said that these rates should not be conceived as new rates, in reality since these are 2 year old and people will not suffer from any further burden due to these apparently new rates. He added that the step will lead to curb shortage of electricity.

SC : Rejects PCO Judges’ Review Petition

The Supreme Court dismissed a review petition of five PCO judges on Thursday.
A five-member bench of the apex court, headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk, announced the verdict. Speaking to newsmen outside the court, counsel of the judges, Abdul Basit said he would again review the Constitution in this regard. The appeals were filed by the PCO judges against the contempt of court notices filed against them.
Majority of the PCO judges had already tendered apologies before the SC. However, some judges including Justice Hasnat Ahmed Khan and Justice Syed Shabbar Raza Rizvi of the Lahore High Court had decided to contest their cases against the contempt notices.

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