Ad Hit Profits Instant Payments

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog to read the latest Ad Hit Profits Update!

Wow! If you are a member I’m sure you’ve been very excited about the daily profit shares! Ad Hit Profits is quickly becoming the most popular passive program and continues to grow at a fast rate!

Members earned 12.8%-16% per day for the last 5 days!

Below are the stats for June 10th, 2013:

Total paid members: 15140
Total Cash out: $3665710.88
Total Cash out Yesterday: $153,362.30

Already paid out today: $193,295.80

Alexa Ranking: 3124
Average Pageviews Per Day: 1559066
Average Daily Unique Users: 235791

Ad Hit Profits is a very simple passive program!

Steps To Join:

1. Join HERE

2. Click on the confirmation link in your welcome email.

3. Purchase Directory Listings (Shares)

4. Click On “Set Up Listing” to advertise any business you wish.

4. Click on 10 banner ads very 24 hours to qualify for profits every 30 minutes!

There is also additional banner advertising you may purchase, but it’s not necessary to earn.

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