Network Engineer Resume Sample +Also for Entry Level

Evaluated customer’s security needs, and provided suggestions / solutions on NAC policy configurations. Implemented the move of all users from Banyan network software to a MicroSoft Exchange network and from BeyondMail to Microsoft Outlook to realize the departmental goal of changing networks. Responsibilities included IT support for corporate office and 7 remote offices across the US, Desktop support and datacenter deployment for 500+ users.

If the job ad wants Cisco, security, and cloud computing, you just turbocharged your resume. Created enterprise-level networks with lower security risk than previous. Bad ExamplePlanned, designed, and installed secure networks, both local and wide-area. Resume Format Choose the right resume format for your needs. IEEE Computer Society – The IEEE is an umbrella organization that covers all types of technical professions. The computer society is the organization for information technology professionals.

What to Put on a Resume: Good Things You Should Include

Only include relevant experience and skills on your network engineer resume. The resume format for a network engineer with no experience, for example, might be very different from that of a resume format for a senior network engineer. A summary statement is an outline that describes your most valuable skills and experience using one or two sentences. Adding a summary for your network engineer resume is important as it gets you noticed quicker by the recruiters.

  • Your prospective employer may typically require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering.
  • So if you’ve been promoted before, don’t be afraid to showcase it prominently on your resume.
  • This way you will ensure that it will be passed along to the hiring manager.
  • They use their problem-solving skills and IT acumen to troubleshoot and repair both hardware and software issues.
  • Responsible for testing new equipment installations ensuring redundancy.
  • Organized and detail-oriented IT engineer who is highly experienced in providing installation, configuration, and standard IT maintenance networks.

Increased reliability of networks by 10% and was awarded Employee of the Month twice. For those who are writing a fresher or entry-level network engineer resume, it’s suggested to opt for a career objective and stress on your goals. Results-driven Network Engineer with in-depth knowledge and experience in planning, strategizing, and implementing new IT solutions facilitating corporate growth.

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Here’s how to give your network engineer skills even more visibility. Well, your job description is based on the job listing the employer originally posted. At an advanced level across multiple/converged technology solutions services and platforms.

Promoted twice during employment and continues to contribute to the company’s bottom line with efficient technologies and communication systems. Leads IT projects from beginning to end with the ability to supervise and motivate others. Maintains a friendly, approachable style to collaborate and build relationships.

Add hard numbers to your achievements

For example, you might need to use Javascript, Python, or routing protocols in your job — so if you’re proficient in these areas, don’t forget to list these skills in your skills section. But employers aren’t help desk engineer only interested in the fact that you’re a Cisco pro—they want to see results. Briefly discuss your strengths in your network engineer resume summary, focusing on how they’ll ultimately benefit the business.

  • Then, provide a list of relevant skills such as troubleshooting, project management, and soft skills in your core competencies section.
  • Many elements of network engineering measure success in data and statistics.
  • Dell is an American computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.
  • Network engineers at various points in their careers all experience the same trials and tribulations when drafting their resumes, so do not feel alone.