Yes, iPhone 5 does exist Leave a comment

LOS ANGELES – Apple-watchers had begun to wonder whether the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event would consist only of new, cheaper models of iPhone 4 – or whether the usual sources who leak titbits about Apple were just slacking off this year. But yesterday a new leak seemed to confirm that a next-generation iPhone does exist. It might, however, be called iPhone 4S, not iPhone 5. Previously, the only ‘confirmed’ models seen in Apple’s official inventory had been a tweaked, cheaper iPhone 4 and new models of iPod Touch. The new device – reported via legitimate-looking photos of inventory entries posted on Apple websites such as 9 to 5 Mac, will ship with Apple’s dual-core A5 processor, the same nippy chip found inside iPad 2. It’s also likely to have a an eight megapixel camera, 1Gb of RAM and and and speech-to-text functionality – and possibly even more ‘voice’ functions. The ‘leak’ came via reports from Japanese IT websites about a speech by the head of Chinese mobile phone firm China Unicom, ‘confirming’ that iPhone 5 would offer the service.