18 people died in Indonesian Plane Crash

According to the source story, some one of the board member were alive because he told his mother that the plan had been crashed on Thursday.

Before the two days of the crash rescue workers reached on the spot of the incident and the head of the rescue operation told that he has a wireless response from his workers they have recovered 18 dead bodies.

He told that the passengers of the plane still on their seats.

With the help of helicopters they reached on the main location of the accident site and they transferred the dead bodies of the victims.

The weather again got bad and rescue operation also been stopped.

A statement out from the head of the Medan air base that the rescue operation being stopped because Weather was going bad.

Spokesmen of the Ministry told that they did not have much information of the incident and also did not know the passengers of the plan dead of injured.

A Local citizen told claimed that his daughter who was traveling in this plane with his children was alive he answered until Friday night.

The weather in Bohorok is extreme and unpredictable. There was heavy rain, fog and strong winds.

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