A ‘telly belly’ for Bigg Boss

The entry of India’s only female wrestler Sonika Kaliraman Mallik into the Bigg Boss house on Sunday, with a six-month baby bump, has sparked speculation about whether the fifth season of the reality show will take voyeurism to its next level by showing childbirth on national television.

After TV actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant became the first celebrity couple to get married on camera in Bigg Boss 4 last year, Sonika could be the first celebrity to give birth while participating in a reality show.

Sonika, who looked radiant as she entered the house in a flowing red gown in Sunday night’s curtainraiser, is expected to deliver around December-end or early January. If she manages to avoid getting eliminated from the show, which should run till December, she will have to decide between delivering the baby in the house or quitting the show.

” You have created history by being the first pregnant participant in Bigg Boss,” said Sanjay Dutt while welcoming Sonika on Bigg Boss 5 . ” Don’t be tense when you are inside the house. It will affect the baby’s health adversely,” cautioned co-host Salman.

Looking chilled out, Sonika replied: ” It’ll be my housemates who’ll be tensed, not me.” Sonika, who is married to martial arts expert Siddharth Mallik, has said that the makers of Bigg Boss have promised her regular medical attention during her stay in the house.

Last season, TV actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant tied the knot in the Bigg Boss house. The marriage ended soon after the show though, raising speculation that the whole event was a staged TRP stunt.

In this context, many feel that Sonika’s entry into the house could also be a gimmick to fuel shock- value and speculation. Sources said it might already have been decided that she will either be eliminated or volunteer to quit when the duedate arrives.

But if it’s not a gimmick, can reality TV actually go as far as showing child- birth on national television? Looks like we’ll have to wait and watch.

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