Aafia Siddiqui Says She Is Not Anti-Semetic

As the high profile trial of Dr.Aafia Siddqui began in New York the courtroom was filled beyond capacity with a growing number of supporters, journalist, and legal observers. It was so crowded that 2 overflow rooms had to be established.

Also sitting amongst the crowd in support of Siddiqui was one of the most famous anti-war activist in the United States, Cindy Sheehan.

Shortly after Dr. Siddiqui entered the court room she engaged in a series of outbursts reflecting her unstable mental condition: “the president needs to talk to me” she shouted, “all I get is negativity” , “They accuse me of being anti-semetic” I am not anti-semetic, anti any religion or any race, “No!” she proclaimed, seemingly in response to recent media reports about her.

Although Siddiqui requested that she be allowed to remain in her prison cell, Judge Richard Berman ruled that Siddiqui should remain at the proceedings to preserve her constitutional right to be present.

The defense once again advised the court that their clients real objection was to the humiliating strip searches she must undergo.

The prosecution began their opening remarks warning the jury that the real world is not neat and orderly and that they would have to put together bits and pieces of evidence along the prosecution’s “commons sense” narrative, namely that Dr. Siddiqui a short, less then 100lb woman picked up a M4 rifle and shot at U.S soldiers, in a 300 sq ft room in the presence of more than 10 mostly armed men.

Although the charges in this case are limited to this alleged incident and the defense promised a very strong rebuttal, describing the lack of any forensic evidence indicating that an M4 was ever shot, some documents are being allowed into evidence by Judge Berman that may prove prejudicial.

These documents alleged to have been in Dr. Sidiqquis possession included plans to conduct terrorist attacks against Americans, specifically in New York.

Despite the fact, that the government has made it clear that they are not charging Siddiqui with any affiliation to any terrorist organization, the evidence they have submitted signifys exactly that.

It will be a difficult obstacle for the defense to overcome especially in a city where every resident is keenly aware of what it means to live in such a target zone.

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