Afghan National Claims Dr. Siddiqui Shot M-4

An Afghan national who lived and studied in Pakistan testified as a government witness today in New York that he saw Dr. Aafia Siddiqui shoot at U.S. and Afghan officials and lunged over her to grab the gun.

Ahmed Gul, 27, came to the United States with an immigration visa sponsored by the government along with $4000 in cash to settle in the U.S.

Gul’s testimony contradicted another prosecution witness, FBI agent John Johnson.

Tina Foster, an attorney with the International Justice Network, speaking on behalf of Dr. Siddiqui’s family said that her family hopes that the defense team will be able to effectively demonstrate to the jury the inconsistencies in the testimonies of the various eyewitnesses.

FBI agent Johnson who currently provides security detail for U.S Attorney General Eric Holder had earlier said that he had witnessed FBI Agent Negron and the Chief Warrant Officer trying to subdue Siddiqui after he heard the gunshots. He did not recall any involvement of Ahmed Gul.

FBI agent Jefferson also testified that he heard an M-4 rifle — which he said is distinguished when fired because of its loud pops — fired in the room.

But on cross-examination, Linda Moreno, a defense attorney, pointed out that in previous statements to the F.B.I., Jefferson had said he thought that the shots had come from outside. He also did not remember several interviews he has had with FBI. He said he did not see Aafia Siddiqui pick up the or shoot the gun.

When asked who shot Aafia Siddiqui, Agent Jafferson said he did not know. Ahmad Gul claimed that the Chief Warrant Officer shot her in the belly.

Two testimonies today contradicted each other.

Earlier in the day Dr. Aafia Siddiqui complained that her anti- ]American statements were being taken out of context. She said she had no confidence on her defense team and had outbursts because her attornies had not objected to insinuation and innuendos.

Aafia Siddiqui appeared composed today. Her brother sat three benches behind her and took copious notes.

There were no protestors in the morning and Pakistani media was not present to cover this important trial. Because there significantly less people present today courtroom did not have an overflow. Metal detector was placed outside the room as well.

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