Dengue claims 2 more lives in Lahore

LAHORE: Two more people died on Tuesday from the Dengue virus that has pushed the overall death toll to 46 in the city, Geo News reported.

There is still no respite from the virus as the death toll is continuously rising across the province. Two more patients of Dengue, 32-year old Khalil and 35-year-old Javed lost their lives today and could not survive the virus attack despite efforts by the doctors.

Attendants accompanying patients complained that the teams have not yet carried out fumigation in their areas despite government orders.

Meanwhile the provincial health department appealed that only one person should come with the patient to the hospital to avoid crowd.

According to the health department, medical experts from Sri Lanka advised that people should only come to the hospital if their fever does not subside in three days.

On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has revised the remuneration from Rs325 to Rs500 for fumigation team members.

The Chief Minister has also ordered strict action against private hospitals that are violating government policies regarding the virus control.