Dengue kills six more in Lahore

Death toll reaches 68 with six more victims who lost the battle against dengue virus. 

According to the report the number of dengue patients is increasing in Multan, Faisalabad and KPK.

Two patients died in Ganga Ram Hosdpital, Lahore. Zahid 37 was a resident of Rajgarh and Mohammaed Saleem 55 was from Outfall Road. Nasreen Fatma, 30 resident of Upper Mall died due to dwindling count of platelets in Meo Hospital.

Fatima of Dera Ghazi Khan was also among the victims. Seven people in Gujrat and, 18 in Multan were confirmed to have dengue virus. Total number of patients in Multan has gone up to 119 and with 34 more patients the total number of patients has risen to 440 in Faisalabad.

In KPK 109 patients of dengue are being treated. Health Department has reported that 440 more cases of dengue have been detected

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