Dialup Networking Error 629

Problem: Error 629: The port was disconnected by the remote machine.
Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 & NT
There are many different causes for this type of error. The most common cause is an incorrect username or password, but it can also be caused by line noise or by a modem problem.
If this error occurs after the connection status says Authenticating (or Verifying Username and Password), then it is probably caused by an incorrect username or password. Check your dialup username and password settings, then try the connection again. Choose your Operating System below for instructions to check you settings:
Windows XP
Windows ME
Windows NT

Windows 2000
Windows 98

If you receive this error before the connection gets to Authenticating (or Verifying Username and Password), then it is probably caused by line noise or modem problems.
Line Noise: There are many causes of line noise inside and outside of your house, some of the most common are:
• Dampness and moisture in the phone lines.
• Old or low quality phone lines.
• Cordless phones attached to the same phone line may cause some interference.
• Phone cords longer than 12-15 feet.
• Phone cords that get stepped on or crimped behind/under furniture.
• Phone cords wound in a bundle can act like an antenna.
• Phone cords next to power supplies, radio, speakers, or other sources of electrical interference.
• Splitters and phone line surge protectors can add to line noise.
Keep in mind that there are times when line noise is worse than usual. If you’ve ever been talking on your phone and can hear other conversations, static, hissing or popping, your modem will ‘hear’ the noise as well. Additionally, noise that affects your connection also occurs beyond the range of human hearing.
Below are some suggestions that may decrease line noise:
• Make sure the phone cord to the jack is as straight and short as possible.
• Keep the phone cord at least 2 feet away from power cords and speaker wires.
• Unplug equipment from the phone line when you connect that is not in use, such as fax machines and cordless phones.
• Keep the phone cord away from “high traffic” areas like doorways and under chairs.
• Remove line splitters and phone line surge protectors.
• Unplug all other devices (like extra phones, answering machines and fax machines), then reattach them one at a time to determine if one may be causing the problem.
• Consider purchasing an additional phone line that is dedicated to your data needs.
• If you hear noise on your phone conversations you may want to contact your phone line provider and let them know you may be experiencing some interference. This may prompt them to improve your line condition, thus improving your connection speed. It is important to note that phone companies do not guarantee line quality for data transaction, only voice. Further, if the line noise is attributable to inside wiring, the phone company will charge you for repairs.
Other Modem Problems: Some other modem issues that may cause problems are outdated modem drivers or firmware and hardware problems.
Firmware and drivers are the software or programming that tells your modem how to communicate.
Modem manufacturers often release new drivers to correct bugs that can cause connection problems. Even if you just bought your computer, there is no guarantee that the installed drivers are current. That modem may have been sitting on a shelf for months before it was put into your computer and while it sat, the manufacturer may have released many updates.
To obtain the latest drivers and firmware, contact your modem and/or computer manufacturer. You can often get the updates for free from the manufacturer’s web page.
If the previous solutions didn’t resolve your problem, it is possible your connection errors are caused by a modem hardware malfunction. This may even be the case with a brand new modem. A modem can overheat, which can cause flaws in the electronic components. Or, if the phone line was left plugged in during a storm, an electric surge may have damaged it. You may want to contact the computer or modem manufacturer for further help.

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