Few days before wedding? .Give your skin a break from cosmetics!

Our skin is very sensitive. Just like the whole body, it also needs some rest, a little of pampering and lots of space to breath in. When you are going to wed in few days then you need to be very conscious about skin and the best way to avoid unnecessary skin problems is to stop experimenting with cosmetics. Don’t try each and every cosmetic to look good since lots of cosmetic application can worsen the situation instead of making it better. Here are some few good practices you should adopt days before your wedding.

Keep it clean:

Don’t apply lots of cosmetics on your skin. Give it a space and give it chance to breathe. Always cleanse and scarp your skin before going to sleep. Avoid much of scarping since it can also thicken your skin which can cause it skin redness and increase sensitivity. Once it’s completely cleansed, it will definitely look fresh and healthy.


Instead of using cosmetics, moisturize your skin, it will not only bring a glow on your face but it will also improve the improper sector of your skin. Moisturizing can be done with any well reputed moisturizer having minerals, sun block and some good natural entities to fulfill all of your skin’s need. Once your skin is moisturized well, it will have glow, defined good tone and improved complexion.


In Pakistani weddings we see the Ubtan custom in which the bride experiences the application of Ubtan. This mixture really works. Ubtan with haldi and few drops of rose water can be the best toner for your skin. Avoid excess of medicated injurious cosmetics and rely on nature’s gift which is Ubtan for sure. Apply it and you will see the golden glow on your face which you will surely enjoy.

Rose water:

You can spray rose water for instant and natural skin refreshment therapy. It’s the best natural cosmetic ever. Not days before your wedding but in general have rose tonic as your toner and you will see new delicate skin with ravishing fragrance.

Remember the more natural you are the more beautiful you will be. Give a proper rest to your skin. Fulfill its nutrition needs and apply the above ways to make your skin look flawless. On wedding day you will definitely wear make up and the different cosmetics but before doing so give your skin a break, that’s the most suitable solution for all skin problems

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