Google Marks Public Launch of Google+ with a Doodle

Facebook has a huge task at its hands. Google has made its social networking site open and is attracting people’s attention in a big way. Google seems to have learnt a lot from its earlier mistakes in the field and is treading very cautiously.

Meanwhile Facebook is trying to attract more and more developers to develop new and newer apps and to make the website all the more attractive.

There are reports that suggest that Facebook is past its prime. A few months ago reports suggested that in many European countries besides north America, the number of Facebook users have gone down and people are feeling bored with it.

North America and Europe still remain the most important source of revenue for online advertisements and any loss of the market is going to be a big blow to Facebook to challenge Google and its dominance in the web based market.

A quick look at, an Amazon concern that ranks websites across the world shows that people no longer spend as much time on Facebook as they used to do earlier.

Some three months ago people used to spend more than thirty minutes on an average on Facebook daily. But now the duration for the last one month has come down to 27 minutes. It is 26 minutes for the past one week.

Though it is still miles away from Google. On the search giant people spend 13 minutes only as per By launching Google Plus, the search behemoth wants the people to spend more time on it and attract more customers. Google attracts more than fifty percent of the internet users across the world. For Facebook it is 43 percent.

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