Gujranwala Protesters violence against loadshedding

In the city of Gujranwala, many protesters come on the roads, they carried play cards and banners which were wrote comments against the government and GEPCO.

Protesters blocked the G.T road, Alam Chowk, Gondlanwala Chowk, Lohyanwala Chowk and other major areas of the metropolis, told the staff member.

He more added that people burnt the tyers, damaged the vehicles on the different roads, they also attack on the Grid Station building in Alam Chowk, they destroyed the building mirrors and the also damaged the doors of the grid station.

During the protest main bazaars, markets and educational institutes remain closed.

Police, rescue workers also perform their duties. Police were trying to control on the demonstrators but the throwing stones on the police, in the result of this many police men got injuries.

Protesters also were threw stones on the Taiz Gaam and G.T road vehicles.

The DSP model town Abdul Qayyum Goldal, S.H.O Civil lines Rana Afzal were also hurt by protesters. Police used the teargas and fired in the air for disperse the protesters. Police also baton charge on protesters some protesters got injuries

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