Holistic Hair Loss Remedies Worth a Shot Before Trying a Transplant

As far as human health is concerned, going bald doesn’t do anything except increase the chances of getting sun burned. But hair loss is unfortunately a highly stigmatizing issue for people, especially women. When it comes to human interaction, hair loss is a surefire inhibitor of self-confidence, and even a potential roadblock to personal achievement. There’s a massive market for hair loss treatment that ranges from Rogaine to getting hair roots transplanted from one part of the head to another. These options should be explored if hair loss is affecting your way of life; however, before doing so you should give some free curatives a try.

It’s not everyday that medical advice includes the consumption of caffeinated beverages, but studies show that green tea can lower DHT levels, the hormone primarily responsible for hair loss. Coffee is said to help too, but not by drinking it. Studies show that ground up coffee beans mixed in with shampoo can reduce testosterone-induced follicle growth suppression.

However, not all balding is directly caused by inherent genetic dispositions. Some instances of balding are caused by environmental factors, stress, or bad nutrition. Extreme temperatures, especially when going from one extreme to the next, tend to incite more hair loss than usual. Avoiding extreme temperatures can keep hair in its place.

Stress is also an incredibly common cause of baldness, and efforts to reduce stress should be taken at the first signs of hair loss.

But above all, the biggest thing you can do about your lifestyle that can help reduce hair loss or even reverse it is to get into shape and eat right. Your hair is like any other part of the body – it needs the right combination of vitamins and nutrients to be healthy

Additional homemade remedies include utilizing oils, extracts, and good old fashioned produce that humans have been using for thousands of years to reverse balding. Carrier oils like jojoba and grape seed mixed with traditional oils like those of thyme, rosemary, and lavender have been applied to the scalps of balding people for centuries. The Ancient Greeks were convinced that onions had a hand in reversing baldness and would pack their scalps with slivers of onions.

Whether or not you want your hair, or what’s left of it, smelling like onions in the effort to keep the hair you have is up to you. But if you’ve become increasingly serious about surgical solutions to hair loss, you should consider these cheaper alternatives first. You never know what may sprout as a result of your toil.