How do I change my drive letters?

In Windows XP, right-click My Computer and then click Manage. In the left pane under Computer Management click Disk Management and you will see a list of all drives in the right pane. Right-click the drive or device whose letter you want to change and click “Assign the following drive letter”. Assign the drive letter and click OK.

To change removable drive letters in Windows 98/ME, right-click My Computer and then click Properties. Click the Device Manager Tab click on CD-ROM to display the manufacturer and type, and click on Properties. Under the Settings tab, choose a new drive letter and assign the same to both to “Start drive letter” and “End drive letter”.

To change physical drive letters in Windows 95/98 requires complex sniffing into the registry, which I don’t recommend for newbies. Instead, use a neat little piece of freeware called Letter Assigner , which brings the features in XP—for changing drive letters—to Windows 95/98/ME

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