How to activate Kaspersky 2010 license using a key file ?

  1. kaspersky logoThe latest version of Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security (2010) does not allow to activate your Kaspersky product using a license key file i.e. without an activation code.
  2. The 2010 Kaspersky Lab products can be activated only by an activation code via the Internet. This becomes quite difficult if you have a valid license key file or want to Activate Kaspersky Products Offline.
  3. Though, 2010 build don’t have the option to activate using the key file but there is a trick to do it :D

Activation Kaspersky 2010 license using key file:

1. Open your Kaspersky 2010 License Manager.

2. Click Activate New License.

3. Select Activate commercial license and enter the activation license code as T1JVS-NNMBD-K1QTN-SUBP8 (beta code).

4. Click Next. Now you’ll get a dialog box as shown below, click Ok on it.

dialog box

5. That’s it. Now you will see the option of a key file to activate your KAV/KIS 2010 product.

key file option in kaspersky 2010


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