How to Convert a VCE to a PDF

vce to pdf

VCE file extensions are files that run with the Visual CertExam software. This software allows users to design, create and edit certification exams and compete in an environment very similar to the actual exam environment. VCE files can be converted into various file formats, including the PDF file format. Converting a VCE file into a PDF can be done within the Visual CertExam application.

 vce to pdf
  • Open the VCE file you want to convert in Visual CertExam design mode. VCE files are proprietary, so legally, the only way to view and edit VCE files is through the Visual CertExam software.
  • Click “File,” then “Print” and then “Print to PDF” to convert your VCE file into a PDF file.
  • Rename your file so that you know which file is your PDF version. Also make sure that you are converting the file to the correct file extension. The extension of your file should end in .pdf.
  • Choose a location on your hard drive where you want to save your PDF file. Click “Print” to complete the conversion process.
  • Open your PDF file in a PDF viewer to make sure that it has properly converted. The most common PDF viewer is Adobe Acrobat.


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