How to integrate WP e-Commerce with 2Checkout

WP e-Commerce Settings:

  1. Download or clone the 2Checkout payment module at
  2. Upload tco.php to “/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants” on your web server.
  3. In your WordPress admin select Settings -> Store to open your WP e-Commerce settings.
  4. Under Payment select 2Checkout, click Update and then click theedit link for 2Checkout.
  5. Enter Display Name. Example: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, PIN Debit) and PayPal
  6. Enter your 2Checkout Account Number.
  7. Enter your 2Checkout Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered on your 2Checkout Site Management page.)
  8. Select the language you want the 2Checkout purchase routine to be in.
  9. Select the appropriate billing fields for the Forms Sent to Gatewaysection.
  10. Click Update.

2Checkout Settings:

  1. Sign in to your 2Checkout account.
  2. Click the Account tab and Site Management subcategory.
  3. Under Direct Return select Header Redirect.
  4. Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered in your WP e-Commerce settings.)
  5. Click Save Changes.

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