Iran To Open 1st N-Reactor In Sept : TEHRAN

TEHRAN: Iran Human Waste Management said the country first nuclear power plant will be inaugurated in the Iranian port city of Bushehr in the south in September.

“Today, we passed one of the most important trials and final testing of hot water, the Bushehr plant before its inauguration,” IRNA quoted head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi said on Wednesday.

“After 37 years, the grounds were prepared for the opening of the factory,” he further explained.

“We’ve reached the point of no return. Grounds are prepared for the final opening of the reactor, “he said.

The construction of the plant began in 1975 when Germany signed a contract with Iran. Berlin, however, withdrew from the project after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Iran then signed an agreement with Russia in 1995. Under the agreement, the plant was originally to be completed in 1999, but implementation has been delayed several times because of financial and technical problems.

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