Jaeger London

Today’s Jaeger collection looked pretty spiffy. Although designer Stuart Stockdale did send a few misfires down the runway, including a whole group of pieces bedecked with oversize collars and bows, in general these clothes seemed like exactly the neat yet relaxed pieces the Jaeger woman is looking for, come warmer weather.

The show opened with cool geometry: A trim navy suit and longish yellow shorts with triangular cutouts established the tone; scalloped shifts and A-line blouses with knife-pleated underskirts spun it in a gamine direction. The palette proceeded to build in richness, harking back to the early-seventies Jaeger heyday with hits of mustard and bright orange and multicolored nautical stripes. The mustard culottes—which also appeared in cream and navy—were must-haves. Reverting back to the gamine, Stockdale also sent out several excellent, very simple black and white dresses and tops featuring broderie cutwork that read like enlarged eyelet. They felt very fresh. Ditto the hats: Flat, wide-brimmed numbers, they appeared in a variety of colors, and helped to elevate the look of the collection as a whole.

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