John gets the tag of Action Abraham

Essaying the role of a tough narcotics officer, who ensures justice is served in Vipul Shah’s Force, John Abraham is soon going to be synonymous with the tag of “Action Abraham”.

Audiences are in for a treat as John Abraham gets into an out-and-out action space, something he feels he is well suited for.

Says John, “I feel there is space vacant for the new action hero. Younger heroes are more into romcoms, seniors are more into comedies and other stuff. I want to occupy the space of action hero. I want to be known as the last action hero of Bollywood.”

After pouring his sweat and blood into making Force and even performing his own stunts, John is confident that audiences are going to be introduced to some never-seen-before action.

“Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn have been doing action but when you see Force you will know what action I am talking about. It is real action, simply amazing. Action director Allan Amin says, he has not shot this kind of action in 27 years of his career!”adds John.

With a body like that, action came naturally to John, who pioneered the trend of the ultimate fit physique that set temperatures soaring. Says John, “My body is my religion, gym is my temple, I come here to pray. The only place where I get sanctity is my gym. I appreciate actors who have fit bodies. I don’t look at it as competition, we complement each other. It will be great to see more actors with good bodies, after all it is a visual medium.”

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