More than 40 Feet whale fish found at Karachi sea view.

The dead whale had been washed ashore by strong tides .It weighs several tones and more than 40-feet-long fount at Karachi Sea view.

Karachi shore, is a tourist spot for the residents of the largest city of Pakistan, which has population more than 10 million. This is not the first time huge dead animals have been found at Karachi shore.

Mr.Shahnazir said: I think it was more than 50 feet and 50 Tones of weight. I have not seen that type of view in my life.

Mr.Malik Arshad said: I was in my office, when someone told me about it. I did not waste time and reached at sea view. I think its my good luck that fortune gave me the chance to see it because such incidents happened once after many years.

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