O2 Secret Codes

O2 Secret Codes:

O2 Secret CodesTo connect the O2 customer care free of charge, dial 4444 for the top up line, it will ask you to press 1 to continue but don’t, press 2 instead and it will divert you to the customer care free of charge.

Send the keyword on to 212 it will text you back with your email address. When you want to send e-mail to someone, just put their address at start of the text message, leave one space then put your message in and send it to 212 . You can recieve e-mail via sms as well.

Instead of typing in *#10# to get your balance you can type #10# – *10# – #*10# etc.

Voicemail number is 901.

When phoning a turned off 02 mobile, press * then 8705 if they haven’t changed their code you can listen 2 voice mail and change their greeting.

To hide your number while texting (only 02 network n Nokia phone) go 2 the messages menu select create e-mail, it will ask for an e-mail adress, enter t@t, enter a subject, write the msg than send. It will ask e-mail server number, enter the number of your friend and send! Call him if he’s got your number.

When roaming, type *#111# or *#111*# to to call home from abroad.

Cell broadcast code 200 displays the local phone codes.

Type in *0# (star zero hash) before your text msg 2 get confirmation of delivery. Note that delivery reports should be set off.

Go to www.02.co.uk on a PC and register as a free user then after that if you want to send a txt msg visit that site and sign in and get 150 free txt messages every month.

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