Ogra makes fuel dearer by up to 5pc

ISLAMABAD: Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority finally made official an up-to-five-percent rise in petroleum products early Saturday morning with immediate effect, Geo News reported.

Compared to September prices, petrol has been raised by five per cent and high octane blending component (HOBC) by Rs2.72/liter owing to a jump in global crude market.

Despite a drop in high-speed diesel (HSD) by Rs0.62 worldwide its local prices were jacked up by Rs1.51/liter to adjust petroleum levy.

Diesel price jumped to Rs94.16/liter from an earlier Rs92.65. HOBC price hopped by Rs112.65/liter from Rs109.93/liter last month, and petrol Rs88.95/liter from a previous Rs84.80/liter.

Prices of light diesel oil (LDO) and kerosene oil kept status quo to remain at Rs83.52 and Rs86.82/liter respectively

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