Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is the largest military branch in the country. Pakistan Army has the reputation of being powerful, experienced, and professional. Pakistan Army with an active force of 619,000 personnel and 528,000 personnel in reserve makes Pakistan a seventh largest military force in the world. The main responsibilities of the army is to protect the borders, security of administrative areas, and defending the national interests of Pakistan within the framework of its international obligations.

Pakistan Army has a rich combat experience. This comes with fighting multiple wars throughout the short history of Pakistan. Pakistan Army now also specializes in counter-terrorism efforts due to its collaboration in the War on Terror. In addition to its role on the War on Terror, Pakistan Army is also responsible of contributing towards the United Nations peacekeeping efforts. Pakistan Army recently grabbed the title of being the largest active force in the peacekeeping efforts by the United Nations.

Cheif of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani currently has the honours to lead this prestigious military organization. Currently Pakistan Army’s active duty personnel as well as the reserves continue to protect our nation day and night from the terrorists and other anti-Pakistani national interests.

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