Pakistan seeks update on Raymond Davis

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s embassy in Washington has asked the Justice Department for an update on its promised investigation into Raymond Davis’s last brush with the law, when he shot and killed two Pakistanis in January. Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor, whose arrest in Pakistan caused an international incident, had flown under the radar for the past several months.

It was only when he was charged with assault the other day — after a dispute outside a bagel shop in Colorado — that the world again began to take notice. In an October 3 diplomatic note to Justice and the State Department, Ambassador Hussain Haqqani referenced “the ongoing investigation” and asked that “the latest status in the matter may kindly be conveyed to the Embassy.” Haqqani said no reply had yet been received. Asked the same question, Justice spokesperson Laura Sweeney declined to comment on the department’s behalf. Davis, whom President Obama once called “our diplomat,” was charged with murder after he shot dead two motorcyclistsin Lahore. daily times monitor

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