Pakistan’s Independence Day being celebrated


Islamabad: Pakistan’s 65th Independence Day is being celebrated with zeal and fervour across the country as well as by expatriates all over the world.

The nation will pay tributes to its founding father Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who single-handedly attained this motherland with his vision and determination.

Mr Jinnah would be remembered forever in the hearts of all communities of Pakistan for his sincerity and hard work.

The passion of people has not dulled to mark the day despite fasting in Ramazan.

The people, especially the children, are enthusiastically purchasing national flags, buntings, posters, stickers and candles to decorate their homes on the day.

A number of social, cultural and literary organizations and educational institutes have chalked out various programmes.

All important government buildings, including the Parliament House, Supreme Court of Pakistan, PM’s House, Presidency, Pakistan Secretariat and Faisal Mosque have been illuminated as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

Search engine giant Google has put a doodle on its Pakistan’s homepage on the occasion.