PIA grounded 10 plane, passengers face long delays

KARACHI: The passengers of national carrier , are facing delays of up to 10 of 39 PIA aircraft were grounded because of technical faults, PakistaniNewsChannel reported.

In Peshawar PIA flight PK tied in UAE-255 made ​​an emergency landing here after developing a technical fault at one of its generators.

According to sources, the flight was scheduled to land in the city of Al Ain and carrying95 passengers.

Another Islamabad to Skardu PIA flight PK-451 alloy was also canceled while other scheduled flights between Karachi and Muscat PK-225 PK-356 Lahore to Islamabad have been canceled.

Earlier Tuesday, a flight bound for Islamabad Karachi PK-369, leading some lawmakers, has made ​​an emergency landing in Multan after developing a technical fault.

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