Protect your folder from unauthorized users

Personal folders usually contain confidential data that one tries to protect from nosy siblings, troublesome friends or inquisitive co-workers. Now one can safely protect his/her personal data from all these people. Just follow these simple guidelines:

Firstly, double click on the My computer icon. Next what you have to do is to identify the drive where your Windows is installed. Usually this is the C: drive by default. However, most people have more than one drive on their computers so they will have to be extra watchful. For others this can be a breeze. Sometimes the contents of a drive may be hidden and not visible to the naked eye under System Tasks. The user then must click on option: show the contents of this drive. Next, double click the Documents and Settings folder. Then double click your user folder. Right click any folder in your user profile and then click Properties. On the sharing tab, select the ‘Make this folder private’ option so that you, the authenticated user only have access to it. 

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