Protect your Identity !

When a user uses Window Media Player to listen to music via a CD the software simultaneously accesses the Internet to find the information requested by the user. Windows Media Player accesses various sites to retrieve information for the user such as

Song titles, album, genre etcetera but, it also violates user privacy by identifying the user’s version on the media player to the site from where it is retrieving the information. Now, the user is at potential risk concerning his/her privacy. The user’s connection can now be monitored easily. For those of you who consider this as an act of privacy violation can perform some simple steps to safeguard yourself:

Go to the start menu and double click the Windows Media Player icon. There should be a “Tools” option. Click the tools option. Then another option will appear. This should be the “Options” tab. There should be an option that displays, “” Allow internet sites to uniquely identify your player”. Simply turn this option off. By performing this simple task, con can restrict the media player from leaking user data. 

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