Quetta Firing on Passenger Bus 13 Killed

Quetta – Unidentified gunmen open the firing on a passenger bus near Quetta on Tuesday morning and gun down at least 13 passengers,

A police official told that bus carried at least 30 passenger when they firing took place, suspects ridding on the bikes, but some said they were in “Double Cabin” and they stopped the bus on the road and start firing on it, in the result of firing 13 killed and more six injured.

Mostly passengers belong to Hazara community and they headed work at vegetable market of Hazara Akhtarabad near of Quetta.

The gunmen suspects forced the people off the bus and made them stand in line and open the fire on them, police official told.

That was a 2nd same attack in since two weeks; the leaders of Hazara said government fails to make peace in the country.

There is no one banned group of suspects claimed the responsibility of this tragidic attack on passengers.

The rescue workers reached at the spot as early as they can and shifted the injured and died persons in the Bolan Medical Complex Hospital.

Police begin a search operation in the nearby areas of the division and collect the information of the incident.

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