Salman Khan’s new Romanian interest

MUMBAI: While Salman Khan is busy shooting for his next film with Katrina Kaif in Dublin, a Romanian magazine has linked him up with a local TV news presenter named Iulia Vantur.

According to the report, Iulia met Salman last year when she came to India for a holiday. She met him through a producer friend. At that time, she was dating her long-time boyfriend Marius Moga. However, she made another trip to India this year after breaking up with Moga. Salman helped her get over the break up and she stayed in touch with him after she returned to her country.

The magazine reveals that Iulia has now adopted an Indian lifestyle. So much so, that she even observes traditional festivals, visits temples and reads the scriptures. Her sense of dressing has also changed, with her wearing the shalwar-kameez and even saris!

Talking to the magazine, she admitted that meeting Salman was a turning point in her life and that the two are very much in touch via IM on their phones. The TV presenter is now planning to make another visit to India after Salman returns from his overseas shoot.

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