Skin Care Tips

These are some tips that I think are rather interesting, I am not necessarily agreeing with all of it. So think of it as the Skin Care tips that you shouldn’t follow, or pick and choose the ones that work for you!


Having good skin is an underrated facet of looking good, as many females will smother their faces with products to cover any blemishes or marks, but beautiful skin starts from beneath.

Beautiful skin needs three things in order to thrive and be beautiful, you need to understand your skin in a way that you can match products, washes and moisturisers to your skin type. Whether your skin is dark, dry, normal, oily, sensitive or combination skin, finding out which class your skin comes under can only serve to help you find the right products as to complement your skin.

Step 1

The first step to think about when you are putting in a regime to look after your skin is to make sure your skin is as clean as possible. That doesn’t mean using all the harsh cleansers that are around twice a day as they can end up stripping your face and could quite possible give you rashes. The best way to look after your skin is to wash with a mild cleanser 3 times a day.

Step 2

The food you eat is used by your body to replenish the broken skin cells. Looking at your own diet when considering how best to look after your skin is one of the fundamental issues that can really swing the end result either way.

If you eat a lot of oily foods then inevitably you will have oily skin and develop acne, whereas if you eat a lot of natural and healthy foods, your skin will replenish a lot cleaner. It also helps to drink a lot of water as this will help cleanse your body of toxins.

Step 3

As clichéd as it sounds, the third essential step to keep healthy skin is to exercise regularly. Exercise improves the circulation of blood around the body and as your skin relies on circulation to stay healthy. Another advantage of being active and exercising is that you sweat more, sweating more helps flush out your pores and contributes to healthy looking skin too.


At the end of the day, you can buy as many expensive products as are on the market, but without these three fundamental skin care routines, no matter how expensive the products you use are, the best facial care product you can spend your money on is a moisturiser that also doubles up as a sun screen as we all know the effects of the sun on the skin

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