Sony Ericsson Secret Codes

  • Sony Ericsson Secret Menu: -> * <- <- * <- *
  • (-> means press joystick, arrow keys or jogdial to the right and <- means left.)
  • You’ll see phone model, software info, IMEI, configuration info, sim lock status, REAL time clock, total call time and text labels.
  • You can also test your phones services and hardware from this menu (main display, camera, LED/illumination, Flash LED, keyboard, earphone, speaker, microphone, radio and vibrator tests)
  • IMEI Number: *#06#
  • Lockstatus: <- * * <-
  • Shortcut to last dialed numbers: 0#
  • Shortcut to sim numbers: On main menu type a number and press #
  • If you change the language from default to any other language, then it may be difficult to switch to default language. The shortcut is very simple. Just press < 0000 > . < stands for left arrow button or joystick and > stands for right arrow button or joystick.

Try these codes at your own risk! We don’t accept any complaints.
Some of these codes may not work.

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