Student Jobs in Norway

You should keep in mind that whenever you look for any job abroad than you work visa law can be very complex. You can contact with your country embassy in Norway to get help to find a job. Students usually trust on newspaper and other resources but the vacancies are mostly written in Norwegian language mostly. There are also many jobs vacancies that are in the English language and if you are non Norwegian speaker than you can find these English jobs with little hard work. You should know one thing that most of the employers in Norway mostly prefer a person with Norwegian language speaking skills to offer both the part time and full time positions to the international students. It is also very important to have realistic expectations and should understand the importance of the thorough preparation at their early stage to increase their chances.

  1. Students should be Proactive and Creative
  2. Search the BI Library
  3. Learn the Norwegian Language to get Job
  4. Teach English in Norway
  5. Jobs for Non-Norwegian Speakers
  6. Find Vacant Position in Norway

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