The Largest Fashion Show In Paris

Over 60 brides also paraded on the catwalk, breaking the world record in most brides ever to line up in a fashion show, according to UFDpoint.

Paris, New York, Milan and London on Thursday were four major capitals is the second edition of the “show to the world’s largest fashion”, organized in France until Saturday.

The first part took place on Thursday with 800 models, all anonymous fashion lovers from the street, who marched down a giant catwalk in the centre ofParis between the Opera Garnier and the Galleries Lafayette department store who organised the event.

The participants, each with their own idea, from different ages and origins, brought true energy and delight to the catwalk.
They each had to bring their idea of today s street fashion as they see it in the four big fashion capitals of today.

On Saturday, around 5000 one-day models will also be bringing their own idea of fashion to the catwalks across 50 French towns, beating the world record of the most models taking part in a single fashion show.

Another world record was beaten during the Paris show that of the biggest number of wedding dresses on one catwalk. Sixty five brides, who all had to be married to participate, got the chance to wear their dress once again the time of a catwalk.

Judges from the Guinness World Records were there to watch and awarded the record for the longest line of brides on a catwalk: 69 year-old English DJ Ruth Flowers, also known as Mamy Rock, was in charge of the music.

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