what are good and backlinks

  What are Good Backlinks ?

Backlink is inward link to your site that may be paid or not with a link back from that page. For example if page A links to Page B, than the link from Bpage to A page will be called “backlink”


The Bad Backlinks

  •  Back link from link exchange in Google’s eyes can seriously decrease your ranking  Backlinks from bad sites.
  • I will link to your site/blog if you link to my site/blog. In this scenario you get  one link and I also receive a backlink   can be panalized/banned.
  • If the backlinks on that page have a rel=”nofollow” tag on them the search engines won’t give you credit for the link.
  • Sidebar or footer links. Those links may generate traffic but those links are not an good way to increase Page Rank. Backlinks within the site content are best.

Good Backlinks :

  •  Listing Your site to directories like DMOZ, Yahoo etc
  •  Creating your own blogs or listing your website in blogs with high traffic and quality content. if you have your blog there you might get some nice traffic. You can find many dofollow blog/site listes.
  •  Forum posting with targeted anchor text for your site/blog. You can also find dofollow forums lists.
  •  An effective Professional Press release does contribute in providing quality backlinks to your site/blog.
  •  You can put videos to YouTube with back links, posting photos on different photo directories, (and get good back links.


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