Why is it important to have a marketing calendar for 2023?


November is the strongest time of the year for B2C sales, and it’s the official month for buying our holiday gifts. Immediately after Thanksgiving come dates like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, so it’s time to kick it into high gear.

In other words: You should definitely have these dates marked in red on your marketing calendar for 2023 so you can send special promotions and offers.

We know you won’t forget, but just in case, we’ve already marked them for you on our downloadable 2023 Marketing Calendar.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in November:

  • November 12: Diwali
  • November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • November 23: Thanksgiving
  • November 24: Black Friday
  • November 25: Small Business Saturday
  • November 27: Cyber Monday

PS: Have you checked out our new Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates yet?


The best comes last: It’s finally Christmas!

It’s cold outside, the streets are covered with snow, and there are festive decorations and lights everywhere! While some prefer to go outside, those that stay in might do a lot of online shopping for those last-minute Christmas presents. This is your chance to give Q4 a final push with special holiday campaigns and offers.

But December is not just about selling – it’s also about joining in on the festive atmosphere and thanking your contacts for spending the year with you.

You can get creative and run a little Christmas competition on social media (best Christmas tree or craziest holiday decorations) where your customers can win coupons or goodies, or film your team singing Christmas carols for an original Merry Christmas campaign.

As you can see, it doesn’t get more creative than December to end the year successfully.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in December:

  • December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • December 7: Hanukkah
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 26: Boxing Day (UK)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve

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