Wi-Tribe Pakistan Prepares For WiMAX Launch

Formed in April 2007, Wi-Tribe is the product of a joint venture between Qatar Telecom (Qtel) and A.A. Turki Corporate Trading and Contracting (ATCO), together with a proactive partnership with Clear wire (USA). Wi-Tribe is planning WiMAX based wireless broadband launch in Pakistan. Recently Wi-Tribe Pakistan announced that it is deploying its Internet Protocol (IP) backhaul network using Dragon Wave’s Horizon Compact radio system.

Dragon Wave’s advantages include high speed data links, true IP architecture, minimum power consumption, and zero heat footprints,” said Mohammad Sadiq, CEO, Wi-Tribe Pakistan. The Horizon Compact is a small, 9-inch-square, all outdoor radio, integrating traditional indoor and outdoor backhaul functionality. It is used to deliver connectivity across mixed topology networks including ring or mesh architectures. Wi-Tribe can easily and remotely expand the capacity of individual links up to 400Mbps as traffic needs dictate.

The Horizon Compact will underpin their deployment in Pakistan, and we look forward to helping them grow their network quickly and efficiently,” said Peter Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dragon Wave. “Horizon Compact continues to reinforce its credentials as the IP backhaul solution of choice for next-generation service providers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Advanced Ethernet transport features and radio performance have been uniquely combined to help service providers optimize costs and substantially de-risk the business case for mobile and fixed-line IP networks.” Dragon Wave products operate in both licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies between 6and 38 GHz. An uncompromised product design delivers pure “packet” microwave performance with software scalable, ultra-low latency transport of up to 1.6 Gbps per link. Extremely easy to deploy and manage, Dragon Wave products deliver carrier-grade (99.999%) interference-free performance in next-generation IP networks.

Witribe URL= http://www.wi-tribe.pk/

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